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Famous legs strut making people faint

Once again, the public has to secretly thank supermodel Minh Tu for enthusiastically teaching and inspiring Miss Do Thi Hato let Miss Hau go from a “dreamer” slurred chicken on the catwalk to become one of the contestants with the best performance Miss World 2021. Miss “harvesting” has grown to become one day. Top 13 Miss World 2021 in the pride and satisfaction of domestic beauty fans.

And The show of designer Le Thanh Hoa This is the first catwalk that Miss Do Thi Ha strode as a Top 13 Miss World 2021.

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The graceful and beautiful catwalk steps of Miss Do Thi Ha (Source: Miss World).

Miss Do Thi Ha wore a white dress with feathers, showing off her famous long and slender legs, along with her soft bare shoulders, and the beauty of the queen made people hold their breath when looking at them. Far from the clumsy, silly catwalks of the past, our beautiful, gorgeous Queen confidently shows off her ecstatic catwalk in front of thousands of eyes.

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Right from the moment she stepped onto the catwalk, the public was stunned by the beauty, charisma and movements of Miss Do Thi Ha.

Miss Do Thi Ha catwalk at the show “Sa Vu” by designer Le Thanh Hoa.

Miss Do Thi Ha made fans faint before the flexible catwalk ability at the show of designer Le Thanh Hoa.

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Do Thi Ha’s performance immediately caused a storm throughout social networks, even Miss Do My Linh and designer Adrian Anh Tuan could not hold back.

Right from the rehearsal before G, Do Thi Ha was very charismatic and professional. Even though she dresses very comfortably with only shorts and T-shirts, she still shows a skillful catwalk. The Queen walks firmly, swings her hips gracefully and shows off her flawless beautiful legs.

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if do not have the instruction of supermodel Minh Tu It will not be possible to have such a confident and charming Do Thi Ha, much less a Vietnamese representative to reach the Top 13 of Miss World 2021.

Escape from the clumsy life

Miss Do Thi Ha at the present time, after being trained, has just been “mature” to be able to respond to all the axes pointed at her during the time she was crowned Miss Vietnam this year. that. san-catwalk-20220408235227861.chn

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