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My husband doesn’t work but every month has a large amount of money in his account, I was dumbfounded when I found out the source

08/04/2022 07:26 GMT+7

I don’t understand what my husband sees me as? He did not dare to tell his wife the truth about his property.

My husband is 42 years old this year, and I am only 27 years old, our children are in kindergarten. However, my husband was planning to retire. He said he has been working for many years, now that he is old, he must rest and recuperate. Making a lot of money and then dying can’t take it away.

I got angry with my husband, people live in tall houses with wide doors, and my family lives in level 4 houses, overgrown with trees and extremely stuffy. At that time, the monthly salary was 11 million, but her husband said loudly that he could afford to buy some land and build a 5-storey house but did not want to.

He likes a life in harmony with nature, so there are trees and flowers everywhere, only suffering for me to have to sweep leaves and pull weeds every day.

For half a year, her husband stayed at home, no matter what, he refused to go to work. All household expenses depend on my meager salary, which is 9 million. Many times, when I ran out of money, I had to borrow money from friends, but my husband didn’t know anything. He only got good words from the country, but he didn’t have any money in him.

Last week, too much money, I complained to my husband who owed his friends 7 million, now it’s too embarrassing to borrow but no one lends him. The last sentence I advise my husband to find a job to do for his wife and children.

Without saying much, my husband directly transferred 70 million to me and told me to save money, don’t waste it. I asked my husband where he got so much money, he refused to say.

A few days later, I asked my son to borrow my father’s phone to play a game, and I took the opportunity to check the data in it. I was surprised to learn that while eating and playing at home, my husband has 60 million transferred into his account every month.

I immediately put out the message, asking my husband to explain. Husband said that he has 3 houses for rent. Married for 5 years, but my husband never told me that he has his own property. I angrily blamed him for hiding this from his wife?

You said it was a property that was previously divided by your parents before you got married, told your wife to ask for a share?

It turned out that the husband was wary of his wife, so he did not want to reveal the secret. Perhaps the old husband should be afraid of the young wife stealing money to leave him, so he is not honest with me. I’m trying for my husband and children, not for my husband’s money. I just want him to be financially honest with his wife, but I don’t know what to do anymore?


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