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Ninh Binh: Preschool children go back to school from April 12

Accordingly, the Department requires units and schools to strictly observe regulations on prevention and control of COVID-19; must not be subjective, negligent or lose vigilance; proactively develop adaptive and flexible plans of the unit to meet the requirements of organizing educational activities in accordance with regulations.

Facilities Preschool education It is necessary to conduct extensive propaganda to raise awareness, skills and responsibilities of administrators, teachers, staff, students’ parents in ensuring safety, disease prevention and control, care, education, child rearing; organize environmental sanitation, school scene, disinfect equipment, learning materials, classrooms and other necessary conditions to ensure a safe and thoughtful welcome of children to school.

The teachers regularly keep in contact with the children’s parents, coordinate in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensure the health of children at home and at school; monitoring, timely information on symptoms and manifestations children with COVID-19 for primary care and counseling and treatment support for children. Schools need to focus on organizing half-boarding meals, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

In addition, units and schools need to regularly update the results of the assessment of the epidemic level of the Department of Health to implement effective teaching and epidemic prevention plans; coordinate with the health sector in implementing vaccination against COVID-19 to ensure adequate doses and right subjects for children and students as soon as vaccines are available; proactively handle when there are F0, F1 cases in schools in accordance with the guidelines of the health sector, avoid extreme handling, minimize the spread of disease in schools.

Based on the actual situation, the heads of units and schools decided to implement flag-raising activities, extracurricular activities, collective activities outside of class time, physical training and sports, mid-time movement, and experience. .. ensure safety against epidemics according to regulations.

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