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Poor Dao ethnic boy has a sagging tumor, blind in one eye, he has to draw out the tumor in the other eye

Pu – a poor Dao ethnic group has to live with saggy tumors covering both eyes. Pu’s right eye was permanently blind because of an exploding tumor at the age of 20.

The patient is Mr. Dang Ton Pu (31 years old, living in Ia RVê Commune, Ea Sup District, Dak Lak Province). The age of 12 was the beginning of a series of tragedies in Pu’s life. When his father decided to take Pu away from his mother to go to the South with his second wife, the evil disease officially hit.

Every day, Pu has to endure severe headaches. My eyes always feel like they’re on fire. And then, over time, tumors in the face and eyes began to swell and deform.

Poor Dao ethnic boy has a sagging tumor, blind in one eye, he has to draw out the tumor in the other eye
Every time she wants to look, Pu has to draw out the tumor in her eye

Up to now, the tumor in Pu’s face has grown to be enlarged, with the left half-sided tumor having an area of ​​up to 15*10cm, the right-half tumor measuring up to 10x10cm. The entire tumor pulled down into both eyes, causing compression of the orbits, complete drooping of the eyelids, and a potential risk of brain infection.

Since the onset of the disease, Pu had to give up his studies, go everywhere, must also use a mask to cover his face. “Frightening, horror”, everyone who met gave bitter disparaging words. Pu also can’t find a stable job, anyone can do whatever they ask. When working in the fields, when helping. Just like that, living with hunger and fullness to get through the day.

Pu could not live like a normal person. If you want to see anything clearly, you must use your hand to draw out the tumor in the eye. Visual acuity at this time is only 60-70%, open slightly with vision only about 0.5cm wide, and can not see more than 2m away. Pain, heaviness when the tumor covers the eyes.

Poor Dao ethnic boy has a sagging tumor, blind in one eye, he has to draw out the tumor in the other eye
Patient Pu is about to undergo surgery

That strange disease did not forgive Pu because of the pitiful circumstances. It continues to cling to Pu’s thin body and torment Pu every day. There was no money for treatment or medicine, so by the age of 20, the tumor in his right eye was ruptured.

It was the moment when the excruciating pain tormented Pu’s body and the blood splashed all over his body due to the tumor bursting… it was also the time when it took one of Pu’s eyes away. Making Pu permanently blind in his right eye…

Since then, Pu can only live and work with only one left eye. However, the faint light could only be seen vaguely and unequivocally through the left eye. Because, the tumor on the left eye just keeps getting bigger and bigger over time…

The tumor on the left eye is getting bigger and bigger… it seems that at one point it also blocked the only light that Pu could see.

Poor Dao ethnic boy has a sagging tumor, blind in one eye, he has to draw out the tumor in the other eye
The surgical team discussed before performing surgery on Pu

During the past time since his illness, Pu has continuously searched for many hospital facilities to treat his terrible disease. Once performed tumor removal, but in the end the tumor continued to recur until now, causing many doctors to refuse.

Dr. Dr. Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, General Director of a cosmetic hospital, decided to perform surgery on Pu even though the first time he met the patient, he softly said: “My surgery has many risks, please go home!” .

But Dr. Tu Dung could not help but worry day and night: “If I don’t operate now, my remaining eye will definitely be permanently blind. If both eyes are permanently blind and with the current face, I have to live a lonely life, who will take care of me?

Doctor Tu Dung decided to meet Pu to share candidly about the surgery: “If there is only 1% chance of seeing the light, will you accept the trade-off?”

Pu was also a bit lost, but after thinking for a while, he answered firmly: “No matter how difficult or challenging the treatment is, I will not run away. There’s only one chance left, why be afraid?”

According to Dr. Tu Dung, the most important thing is to solve the tumor in the patient’s left eye. The tumor has now invaded the upper eyelid sphincter, lower eyelid sphincter, and levator muscle.

More dangerous is that the tumor has also eaten into the conjunctiva, and the edge of the cornea is in a tight state. Without early surgery, the risk of tumor rupture causing permanent blindness is very high.

But if the entire upper and lower eyelids are removed, the patient will not be able to open his eyes for the rest of his life.

At 8:00 am on April 6, 2022 Pu’s fateful surgery officially started. At exactly 13:30, after 5 hours, Pu’s surgery to find the last light was completed.

Dr. Tu Dung said; “We were really relieved when finally after 19 years, we were able to help Pu find the last light of his life. The surgery was very challenging, especially when the eye tumor was too large. danger of exploding and permanent blindness.At the same time, the tumor in the face right in the tangled neural network is also a big challenge for the team.

Currently, the patient’s health is stable, and will continue to receive medical treatment to monitor the disease.”

N. Huyen

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