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Restaurants in the UK must disclose the amount of calories in dishes

As a rule, restaurants or cafes with more than 250 employees will have to display the calories of dishes and drinks on the menu to make it easier for people to choose.

At Upsound restaurant in Sheffield, UK, the menu board now has a new item: Calories listed next to each dish. Many customers are excited with this innovation.

“I like this idea. For example, when you’ve ordered multiple dishes, you can make a healthier choice by not ordering more garlic bread,” said a customer at Upsound restaurant, Sheffield, UK .

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Nearly two-thirds of adults in the UK are overweight or live with obesity, according to government figures. Obesity is also the second biggest cause of cancer across the UK. The new regulation is intended to promote healthy eating but has also caused some controversy.

Ms. Rhiannon Lambert – Nutritionist said: “There will always be foods that can contain more calories just because of the amount of good fat they have in the dish or more protein and fiber. So the calories. sometimes do not determine the health of the dish”.

However, experts say that, in terms of the big picture to tackle obesity, the new regulation still has more benefits than limitations. Currently, major British restaurants are having to calculate to include calories in their menus.

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