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Tieu Tam teaches wives how to keep their husbands from cheating

The strange thing is that there is a woman who specializes in doing mistress For married men, they take pride in their work and give advice to women on how to keep their husbands.

Little Tam teaches wives to keep their husbands

It is a woman named Amy Kupps, 33 years old, living in North Carolina, USA. She describes herself as someone who specializes in dating married men and she has heard a lot of complaints from them. Since then, she has learned many things about what men need in their wives. In particular, what Amy always emphasizes is that women need to be more open and creative in “sexual affairs” so that their husbands do not have an outside relationship.

According to Amy, the excitement and novelty in “sex” is what men always expect from their wives.

“I guarantee that your husband will always be around you if you make sex more enjoyable, not just an obligation. The key to success is to do it often and always. make your partner happy“, Amy confirmed.

Paradoxical story: The sexy woman identifies herself as

The woman spoke up to remind the sisters.

Amy suggests: “You can watch adult movies with your husband, and be more open to exploratory and creative sex. You can try changing your hairstyle or wearing different clothes to make him attracted to you. suck.

Don’t be afraid to wear sexy outfits, don’t shy away from intimate gestures with your husband in crowded places, because confidence is a huge magnet for men. If you are too conservative and traditional, men will get bored and soon find fun outside.”

Playing dress up games or pretending to be characters during sex or intimate stealth are also suggestions that Amy gives. She asserts that it is worth doing things that are a bit more adventurous but more stimulating and exciting. As long as you keep men’s interest in you, they will always hold you close to them.

“Most men watch adult movies, so what’s the reason?”, Amy posed the question, “Because they need something new every day. So be the adult movie star for them? Attention will be on you immediately. They won’t need any movies or third person. others to satisfy their desires.

When asked by men who came to me even though they were married, they all gave the same reasons: “My wife is as bland and stiff as a log in bed”; “My wife refuses to have sex with me”; “I love my children, but they make it impossible for me and my wife to be close to each other in their presence”; “My wife doesn’t like taking risks or being creative while making love, she’s too traditional”;…

What do these words prove? Men have very high physiological needs and if their wives can’t help them, they have to come to me.”

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It turned out that Amy had been betrayed, so she learned from experience.

The past story of the paradoxical little tam

Amy is also someone who has been betrayed by her husband in the past. Her husband cheated on her because she didn’t spend enough time with him. She was sad but did not hold back because she thought that all the fault was her own.

Since then, in her new clear view of the importance of sex in love and married life. She thinks that if adulterous manall the fault comes from women because they cannot please their husbands.

Besides, Amy added that the lack of communication and sharing is also the cause of the breakdown in marriage. Without sharing, it is very difficult to understand. Therefore, she suggests that women should focus on sharing private and sensitive issues with their husbands, such as phone passwords, social networks or money issues.

In addition, women should also love themselves more and take care to become an attractive and confident person in the eyes of their husbands. Eating scientifically, exercising regularly, taking care of your skin, nourishing your soul are the basics for you to become the best version of yourself.

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