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Two former presidents of Khanh Hoa ‘tormented’ for wrongdoing

Having the last words, former Khanh Hoa presidents Nguyen Chien Thang and Le Duc Vinh both expressed “torment” about the mistake in illegally granting land to businesses.

On the afternoon of April 8, after 5 working days, the trial of Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang, 67 years old; Le Duc Vinh, 57 years old and 5 former leaders of criminal departments Violation of regulations on land management end of discussion.

As the first person to say the last word before the court deliberation, Mr. Thang thanked the jury for creating conditions for him to speak. “During 10 months in prison, the defendant always felt tormented, pondered and wondered to explain why he had fallen into this extremely cruel situation,” he said of the time before realizing the mistake.

Holding a pre-written piece of paper in his hand, the former provincial president said that when he was in office, the local socio-economic situation faced many difficulties. As the head of the Provincial People’s Committee, he feels many challenges and accepts many risks. Therefore, when approving projects for businesses, he and the entire Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Committee always wanted to fulfill the set goal of local development, completely not derived from self-seeking motives.

“I feel pained and sad when I see other defendants who come from revolutionary cadres’ families, have knowledge and experience in management, and have contributed a lot to Khanh Hoa but now have to stand in court.” Mr. Thang said, at the same time, he asked the jury to consider the causes, the context of the case, the shortcomings in the decisions on land, planning and land use plans to have an appropriate sentence and leniency. for himself and other defendants.

“This is also a bloody lesson, a warning for the next leaders in awareness and application of the law to prevent similar incidents from happening,” Mr. Thang finished his presentation, apologizing to the Party. , the State, the people and their families when they have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

Defendant Thang said the last word in the court this afternoon.  Photo: Phong Dien

Defendant Thang said his last words in court this afternoon. Image: Phong Dien

Similarly, the following former provincial president – defendant Le Duc Vinh, also expressed remorse for his transgression. He said that he is the son of Khanh Hoa, assigned by the Party and State to perform important tasks, so he always wants to contribute to the province’s growing development and people’s lives better. However, he himself found shortcomings in the illegal allocation and transfer of land use purposes to enterprises.

“I’m really tormented, sad, thinking a lot about my mistakes. I should have been wise in the organizing process, I wouldn’t have to stand in court like today,” said Mr. Vinh.

Defendant said that during his work, he always did his best, but made mistakes, so he felt guilty before the Party, State and people of Khanh Hoa. He hopes the jury will consider reducing the sentence for himself and other defendants so that he can return to his family soon.

And the defendant? Dao Cong Thien (former vice president of Khanh Hoa) burst into tears, saying that he regretted his mistakes and asked for light punishment. “At that time, the defendant had only received the assignment for more than 10 days, so he did not know the job. The defendant apologized to all,” he said and said that he was being treated for a serious illness, had to motivate himself to try. try to overcome because of family, friends, colleagues.

The remaining defendants all expressed remorse and regret for their mistakes and asked the court for leniency to return to their families soon.

Previously, a representative of the Procuracy said that the two former provincial presidents and the defendants were both qualified and experienced in implementation, but deliberately signed for approval of land allocation, change of land use purpose, and certificate, exemption of illegal land use fee for Khanh Hoa Construction and Production Company Limited (Khanh Hoa Company) to implement the project Spiritual ecology Cuu Long Son Tu and Vinh Trung mountain river villa disrupt the planning of the Nine Khuc mountain area.

However, the Institute noted that the defendants had many mitigating circumstances, so they proposed the jury to sentence Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang to 6-7 years in prison; Mr. Le Duc Vinh and Dao Cong Thien 5-6 years in prison; 4 other defendants 3-5 years in prison.

The jury is expected to pronounce the sentence on April 13.

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