Unravel the way to create land fever in the suburbs of Da Nang

On the morning of April 7, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (TN-MT) of Da Nang City issued a warning document about virtual land fever for profiteering in rural areas.

According to this department, recently, in Hoa Vang district, a number of groups of people have intentionally created virtual land fevers for the purpose of profiteering by various tricks. In particular, these groups of people have created a hot spot to post inaccurate information about the needs of people crowding to submit documents, causing overload at the Department of receiving and returning land transaction results in Hoa Vang district.

However, the survey by the authorities shows that most people make real transactions according to their needs, not too many. Meanwhile, pictures posted on social networks have quite a lot of components, it is worth mentioning that among these are mainly groups of brokers who buy and sell land, brokers who do land procedures for other people.

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Congestion at the one-stop shop in Hoa Vang district is largely caused by a group of brokers to flaunt the need to buy and sell land, causing a virtual fever.

According to the Danang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the tricks of the above groups of people are to put on social networks pictures flaunting the demand and scale of people buying and selling land to create a wave of virtual fever. demand. The purpose of this trick is to make the price go back and forth between these groups of people, with the trick of increasing the price the next day compared to the previous day to push the price of land up day by day.

In fact, the demand for residential land or agricultural land of the people in this district is not much. From the above trick, it leads to the last person who has the ambition to invest and make a profit mistakenly thinking that the price of land will increase day by day, so he buys at a very high land price, which is not true to the actual value at the time of transaction. In which, many local people even sell their land at a low price and then buy another land, sometimes buying back the land they sold at a higher price because they think they will earn the difference when the land price increases. up every day.

After a short time with many tricks to create a virtual fever, this group of people withdrew from the area, the land price returned to the true value of the market and according to actual demand. As a result, only the last buyer wants to sell, but no one buys it back at a high price like they bought it, even many people have to accept to sell at a loss because they use borrowed money to buy land to make a profit. leading to repeated consequences of “lost money, bad luck”.

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The number of transactions at the one-stop shop in Hoa Vang district recently are mainly related to the land sector

The Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment recommends that people be very cautious, alert and alert to the above tricks to avoid incurring unwanted consequences and consequences for their families and society.

Previously, in 2 days, 4 and 5-4, at the one-stop section of the People’s Committee of Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, hundreds of people came to submit documents for land-related procedures such as transfer, exchange and remove mortgages. Since 6 o’clock, hundreds of people have come here to draw numbers and wait for their turn. Many people said that they went to draw numbers from the previous morning but waited until the end of the day and still did not have their turn.

Mr. Tran Van Lien – Deputy Chief of the Office of the People’s Council, Hoa Vang District People’s Committee – said that from April 4, the number of transactions of people to the one-stop department increased dramatically, mainly related to the land sector. According to the summary of the branch office department of Hoa Vang district, on April 4, staff received more than 200 documents. According to Mr. Lien, it is not possible to determine that the recent congestion at the one-stop shop is related to land fever, but according to the summary, the application for admission and settlement of procedures is mainly the transfer of land in the area.

According to B.Van

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