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Walmart gives new truck drivers $95K-$110K a year to combat shortages

In light of a nationwide truck driver shortage, Walmart announced on Thursday that it is increasing the salary truck drivers can earn in their first year to $110,000.

“Average salary for a long-haul driver is $56,491 a year,” Walmart said in an infographic it was released with the announcement. “Walmart’s starting salary could nearly double.”

American Cargo Association said in October The lack of 80,000 drivers in the US, prompting carriers to call for higher pay. Some trucking companies have responded by provide login bonus.

Walmart’s gain puts it on par with another supply chain giant, food distributor Sysco, which also now advertises that Its drivers can earn up to $110,000 a year.

“Today’s motorists are in high demand – a fact exacerbated by COVID”, ATA said in a March 25 release. “To attract and retain drivers, fleets have to raise wages, which is happening at an extraordinary rate right now.

The trucking association said: “We are seeing unprecedented wage growth across the industry, with drivers’ weekly earnings growing at a rate of more than five times their historical average – up over 25% for long-haul truckers since the start of 2019”, adding that some fleets are offering up to 5-figure sign-in bonuses and benefits as they compete for Win a limited number of drivers.

Walmart also announced the launch of a truck driver development program. The 12-week program has enabled existing workers in Walmart’s supply chain in Texas and Delaware to obtain commercial driver licenses and become Walmart’s official fleet of private trucks, the company said.

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