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62 provinces and cities for preschool children to go to school, Hanoi is still hesitating until when?

Ms. Thanh Binh (35 years old, Hoang Mai, Hanoi) is very happy when after nearly a year of studying, her 7-year-old son can also go to class and meet teachers and friends. But the second 4-year-old child is still at home, making her impatient. During the time at home, from a child who does not like to watch TV, actively plays games, baby Khoi (whose name is Khoai at home) gradually clings to ipad and phone screens. Many days busy watching, mother called the third time, the baby did not answer. When the mother turned off the phone, the baby cried, rolled out of the house, refused to hold back until the mother turned on the phone.

Primary school to class, preschool not?

Baby Khoi has been at home since May 2021 when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. Elderly grandparents, unable to take care of grandchildren often. Binh used to let her children study with a group of children at a teacher’s house in the apartment complex she lived in, but then some of the children contracted COVID-19 so the class was closed. Baby stays at home so far, parents take turns working remotely to take care of children, but can’t maintain this way forever.

“Why can primary school children go to school but preschool can’t?”, she wondered. She looks forward to each day preschool children can go to school to have fun with friends and teachers. Children are in the golden period for intellectual and emotional development, they need exercise to develop all skills but are being kept at home for too long. In fact, even though they don’t go to school, children follow their parents everywhere to have fun and travel.

62 provinces and cities for preschool children to go to school, Hanoi is still hesitating until when?  - first

At home, many children just watch TV and phones. (Photo: TT)

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Do Tuan Dung (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) said that most of the outdoor recreation, entertainment and sports activities have been allowed to reopen by Hanoi. The children’s play area is always busy, but preschool children are not allowed to go to school.

“I don’t understand why Hanoi has not sent children to school, especially in the current context, the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased, many children have had COVID-19, symptoms are not severe. All provinces and cities send children back to school, only Hanoi is different. Hanoi will wait until almost all activities return to normal”. he wondered.

Her son Ha Thanh Tu (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) is alone every day, runs out of toys, then runs out to watch TV and phone. The baby’s previous skills are gradually lost such as feeding rice, brushing teeth, and dressing, but are instead thanks to the support of adults. She insisted that she didn’t like going to school and wanted to stay at home. Ms. Tu worries if the school is open, what should I do if the child keeps nagging and doesn’t go to school? She hopes the school will open soon so that her children can meet friends, especially practice better independence skills.

Female parents find it difficult to understand when the capital sends primary school children to school but kindergarten is still at home. Recently, she often let her children go out to play everywhere such as playgrounds, amusement parks, supermarkets to have fun. Not to mention, the city is open to almost all activities, children at home are still infected from adults.

Ms. Tu said that her family is lucky to still send family members to look after her, but many of her friends have had to send their children to a group of children who have been learning underground for a long time. “Going to school like this is not much different from going to school, because children play together, sleep together and eat together“, she says.

“One month, half a month, or a week of going to school is still necessary for children. Schools are open, other educational centers will be open, I want my children to be able to study more arts, sports and other subjects. other sports so that I can balance my studies”, female parent said.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Chung (Thuong Tin, Hanoi) wondered when in the suburbs, there were not many complicated activities like the inner city but still did not send her children to school. “Here, for a long time, the children in the neighborhood have been running around everywhere, every afternoon they invite each other to play soccer, or practice driving…” She said and said that during the day, Ms. Chung and many other parents send their children to be taken care of by a teacher.

Only Hanoi is not open yet

At the Government’s regular press conference in March, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Hoang Minh Son said that currently only Hanoi has no specific plan for preschool children to go to school. “Hanoi leaders will have to decide to send preschool students to school, depending on the specific epidemic situation.” Mr. Son said.

Of the 62 provinces that send preschool children to school, 7 have suspended a district or a city due to the rapidly increasing epidemic. Localities realize that it is necessary to send students back to school, so they give very drastic and positive directions, even though the epidemic situation is different in each place.

Regarding the issue of sending preschool children to school, on May 4, Mr. Tran The Cuong, Director of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, said that as soon as students from grades 1 to 6 return to school, the Department will give opinions. consultation with parents, as a basis for a proposal to the City People’s Committee to send preschool children back to school.

According to statistics, Hanoi has more than 500,000 preschool students (about 28% of children attend non-public schools). Almost a year preschool children have not returned to school, many educational institutions have stopped operating. When reopening, units need time to review all facilities and play areas to ensure the safety of children.

In addition, schools also clean, disinfect classrooms, tables and chairs, school supplies, and plan to pick up children to ensure safety and prevent epidemics for sustainable direct teaching.

62 provinces and cities send preschool children to school, until when will Hanoi hesitate?  - 2

Many experts believe that sending children back to school is extremely necessary. (Artwork: VOV)

“Need to send children to school immediately”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dac Phu – former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health), Senior Advisor of the Center for Emergency Response to Public Health Events of Vietnam, said that sending children back to school is extremely important. necessary, especially in preschool age. Children who do not go to school for a long time will cause both physical and mental defects when they cannot interact with friends and teachers, thereby affecting long-term development and even making children sick. depression…

This expert mentioned the fact that recently, children at home have contracted COVID-19 a lot. If children go to school and take good and organized epidemic prevention measures, the risk of infection is not necessarily higher than when children stay at home. However, he noted, synchronous opening but also synchronous backup, loosening, not loosening. Schools must implement epidemic prevention measures, and parents also work well with the school to ensure the safety of children.

Doctor Tran Dinh Huy, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi also expressed, this is the ideal time for preschool children to return to school. Whether children stay at home or go to school are equally at risk of disease, unless they are locked at home entirely. No parent dares to confirm that their children are not in contact with anyone 24/7 or there is absolutely no risk of infecting their children?

In addition, it is not advisable to wait until all children 5-11 years old are vaccinated before they can go to school. Firstly, not all parents agree to give their children injections, so if they don’t get injections, they can’t go to school? Second, the vaccine only reduces the symptoms of COVID-19 but does not completely prevent the infection 100%.

“When the risk of infection is equal, having children learn and take care of them at preschool will reduce the consequences of knowledge, psychophysiology. Between the two options is incomplete, we are forced to choose a more positive option. I believe that reopening preschool and primary school before other blocks is a direction that needs to be considered and applied soon.” Dr. Huy emphasized.

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