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Countries that welcome Vietnamese tourists

Thailand, Dubai, Australia, USA… allow Vietnamese tourists to enter the country provided that they have had two vaccinations and have negative PCR test results.

If you are planning a trip abroad, you can refer to the countries that have opened their doors below, with many policies exempting isolation for Vietnamese tourists. Requirements are subject to change based on the actual situation in each destination. Therefore, you need to update all regulations in the country you intend to visit before you fly.


Thailand is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia in opening its doors to international visitors under the “Test & Go” program without quarantine. Currently, visitors need to apply for a QR code Thailand Pass (passenger card), do a Covid-19 test on the first and fifth day of the trip.

Many countries welcome Vietnamese tourists

Thailand impresses with a series of scenic spots, a system of temples, and is loved by many tourists. Image: Shutterstock

After nearly 2 years of stagnation due to Covid-19, tourists who love the land of smiles have been able to return to a series of scenic spots, a system of temples, amusement parks, countless shopping areas. Busy cheap price to famous commercial center.

If you like shopping, you can come to Thailand from about May to August. In addition, if you go in the summer months, you can also cool off in the coastal city of Pattaya with its golden crescent-shaped sand gracefully running. 4 km long, take a speedboat to visit Coral atoll, immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, participate in sea games such as parachuting, scuba diving…


Visitors who have had 2 doses of vaccine, just need to add a Covid-19 negative certificate 48 hours before entry and declare a SG Arrival Card (SG Arrival Card) within 3 days before arriving in Singapore.

Singapore is a small island nation but it is the most developed country in the region. This is not only a place to visit with massive architectural works, amusement parks, but also a place for you to enjoy shopping with bustling commercial centers and great preferential policies. .


To enter Dubai, visitors need to have 2 doses of the vaccine, perform a PCR test on the first day of arrival in Abu Dhabi and use this result when returning to Vietnam.

Many countries welcome Vietnamese tourists - 1

The weather in Dubai on this occasion is cool, pleasant, suitable for you to explore. Image: Shutterstock

Coming to Dubai, you will encounter great architecture, many high-rise buildings, busy commercial centers, luxurious hotels, participate in interesting games, or ride a Land cruiser in the desert. Not only that, Dubai also has Arab cultural relics still deposited in the gold markets, spice markets, or the old town of Bastakiya, fortresses and museums… giving you many unexpected experiences.


Passengers entering Australia need to have a certificate that they have had 2 doses of the vaccine. Do a PCR test 72 hours before departure and do a quick test one day before the end of the trip.

Many countries welcome Vietnamese tourists - 2

Opera House – one of the must-visit attractions in Sydney, Australia. Image: Shutterstock

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of lights in Australia, blowing the pulse and soul with unique works of art, taking place over the course of 23 days and nights. This year, the Vivid Sydney festival 2022 will take place from May 27 to June 18. This is one of the largest festivals in the world, impressing visitors with architectural works, light sculptures with bold outdoor art. Performances are performed by local and international musicians.

The festival is held in many of Sydney’s famous locations, including several centrally located areas and densely populated locations in the surrounding areas.


American tourism is now open to Vietnamese tourists when they only need to do a quick test 24 hours before their return flight according to Vietnam’s regulations.

Photo: Shutter Stock

America is a country with diverse cultural identities, many natural wonders, historic cities and entertainment areas that attract many tourists to visit and experience. Image: Shutterstock

With a vast area from the East Coast to the West Coast, America is considered a miniature world, countless natural wonders, historic cities and entertainment districts. Vietravel regularly opens American tourist routes to the country with diverse cultural identities, a major center of the whole world, a modern tourist paradise.

In the summer, it would be remiss if visitors missed Miami and the Miami coast when coming to the US. Life in Miami is likened to a song with a vibrant rhythm, always bustling regardless of day or night. The southern beach is full of sunshine, attracting young men and women from all over, even the marine lifeguard stations are artistically designed. Ocean Drive, after sunset is lit by colorful neon lights.

Countries in Europe

Currently, visitors to Europe can choose from tours such as Turkey, England, Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France. Regulations on entry to these countries only require a certificate of 2 vaccinations and a quick test 24 hours before the flight to Vietnam.

Located in the temperate zone, summer in Europe is quite cool and pleasant, convenient for visiting many tourist attractions. Longer daylight hours and shorter nights also help visitors have more time to enjoy outdoor coffee in the quaint cobblestone streets, stroll around to visit classic architectures, and many treasures. Colorful art and culture.

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