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Dissatisfied with her best friend

I have a close friend from college, I want to tell you a little bit about this friendship.

At first, I had a bad impression of you, thinking you were pretty but a bit ungainly. Later when I played, I found you enthusiastic, straightforward, not formal and a bit like a boy. My family doesn’t have the same conditions as yours, all four years of university had to ride a bicycle. You are enthusiastic, often pick me up to go to school, eat or shop. When I go out to eat, I’m excited to be friends, sometimes I forget money and you don’t ask for it. We were almost picture and shadow, we talked about everything, and then a series of things happened.

In the first round of English exam preparation, I was introduced to a male friend of my age by my senior, who is very good at English, has experience as a teaching assistant in centers and is planning to open a class. The tuition was cheap, so I signed up and almost fell in love with this handsome, tall, a bit cold “teacher”. I also tell you my feelings. I invite you to study together to save both travel costs. When you come to study for a few days, the teacher’s attitude is different, very enthusiastic and happy, laughs more, compliments you more than me, even pats you on the head one day.

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I saw that you were a little surprised but also laughed and sat down next to me and continued studying, as if nothing happened. That day when you drove me home, I slapped you, asked why you knew my feelings but let him do that. I think you are a fake, stoic, pretending to be cute? At that time, you were surprised but frowned silently, I was a bit scared so I left the room. The next day you still go to school with the teacher for three more days and then take a break. He even asked me for your number, which made me even more certain that you were doing something behind my back. That time we didn’t talk for nearly two months, then we started working together again after working in a group. I no longer like that “teacher”, so we are close again.

After graduating from college, you jumped in two companies and got into a big company. You often talk about stressful work, but I find the salary is much higher than where I am working. Later, I faced difficulties at work, depressed, and confided in you. You invite me to the company you work for, will ask to prioritize my profile. I interviewed Dai and proposed to another department because I don’t like and don’t want to work in the same department as you. We still have a lot of fun even though sometimes people say that I asked you to come here. I tell you, you say don’t care, but honestly I am very upset. In addition, my boss is not as pleasant as you say, I doubt you are deliberately tricking me into working here? Then, seeing that the salary here is good, I ignore other things.

When my father was sick, the room I rented was taken back by the owner, there was no other place to rent with such a good price, you told me to stay at your house for a while and then slowly find a room. I’m afraid I don’t want to but I’m having a hard time so I agree. When I came back to live with me, I realized that you are not as neat as you seem, although not dirty, but messy. You also don’t cook often, but prefer to eat out. When I cook, you eat, many days I come home tired and have nothing to eat, while many days when you come back, I have ready-made food. After you finished eating, you washed the dishes for both of us, but I still felt annoyed. I suggest, you say don’t care, who wants to live, live comfortably, work hard and cook for nothing. If I don’t like it, you don’t eat what I cook. I am very upset because you speak as if I ask, while you are the one who is living an unhealthy life. Then I also found the room I wanted and moved out, you are still carefree and happy as if nothing happened.

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At the company, I heard people talking, that I am lucky to have you to help me from work to accommodation, just need help. I’m very proud and think it’s absurd, it’s my fault that I passed the interview, the accommodation is yours to open, I didn’t ask, is it because I’m poorer that I was told like that? You are always carefree, loved and flattered by everyone. I thought maybe you talked bad about me so people talked like that. After that I didn’t bother to talk to you anymore, you were at fault so you should apologize to me. This time you didn’t notice anything, indifferent and ignored me. I am angry and disappointed that I misjudged you. Are you just taking advantage of me in the company to flatter yourself and achieve your goals, so ignore me?

I confided to the sister sitting with me, she also agreed with you and I hated it even more. After that, we treated each other like strangers. When my father died, you visited a thick envelope, I think maybe you knew your mistake and wanted to make up. After that, you were still cold, so I got angry again, thinking that you know my family’s situation well, so you have to understand that I won’t be able to travel for that amount of money, especially when we have stopped playing together. Are you going to show it to the company so they think you’re generous or want to mock me? Thinking that, when you got married, I was only happy for a few hundred thousand dong. When you quit your job, it makes everyone in the company stir up, causing the big boss to come out. I find it ridiculous that two-faced people like you are welcomed and then regretted like that.

After a while, I became more and more tired of the pressure with customers and bosses. I accumulated some capital, so I decided to quit and move on to a more potential job. Thanks to my existing relationships, I achieved good sales and was promoted to manager not long after that, now I know that you also work here but just an ordinary employee. I asked your manager, know that your husband is talented, earns a lot of money, you go to work for fun. I don’t think that’s right and you are certainly justifying your own laziness and incompetence. The proof is that you rarely go to the company, your personal page only posts pictures of food, flowers and family. At this company you are still generous, should I tell everyone the truth about you or accept everything? I really feel bad for you.


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