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Google adds text and image search

“Giant” technology Google launched a new function that allows users to search for information that integrates both images and text with just a single query. For example, with this feature, users can search for a shirt pattern similar to the one in the photo, then type in “polka dots” to find the product they like.

At this point, Google will return shirt models that have both polka dots and are similar to the shirt in the photo. Similarly, with a photo of a sofa product and the keyword “chair”, Google will help find chairs similar to the above product.

This feature is called “multisearch” which was introduced in September last year but has just been officially put into use. It is currently being applied in market America through Google Lens.

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Liz Reid, vice president of Google Search, gave an interview CNN Business said it will continue to test the feature, and it plans to focus on shopping-related searches.

Multisearch engine makes searching more flexible and less limited than text search. Before that, Google introduced several image search engines. For example, Google Lens – a feature launched in 2017 can identify objects in photos or translate text through photos on phones. Another Google search feature in 2020 also allows users to hum along to tunes to search for songs.

To use the “multisearch” function in the mobile app, users tap the camera icon to the right of the search bar to enable Google Lens mode. The app allows you to take a photo or upload a photo, then tap the search bar that includes the plus sign and the phrase “add to search”. This helps users more clearly explain what they are looking for.

Basically, the feature works based on artificial intelligence. Computer vision recognizes what is in an image when determining the meaning of text. Those results are aggregated for a more detailed, aggregated result.

Ms. Reid said the feature could adopt MUM technology in the next few months (a multimodal transformation model that Google announced last May) to help improve search quality.

When asked if Google has the ability to create a multimodal search method, such as allowing users to perform queries that integrate music and lyrics to find a new genre of music, Ms. Reid said Google does not work in that particular direction but is interested in integrating different input media in the future.

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