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Holding a weapon and smashing a car, the young man was chased and hit by the driver who pressed the gas

Recently on social networks appeared a clip of about 1 minute recording part of the incident between two car drivers. At the beginning of the clip, a young man in a black shirt holds a violent weapon in front of a smashed white car. After 1 hit, the driver of the white car suddenly ramped up the accelerator and ran straight towards the opponent.

Seeing that, the young man ran away and quickly climbed into the driver’s seat of the black car to take refuge. Not stopping, the white car driver steered and continued to chase. After that, the driver crashed many consecutive hits to the rear, side and front of the enemy vehicle despite the danger. The strong impact caused the two cars to shatter the outer shell.

Watching the incident, both sides were extremely angry. Witnessing the incident, a scared cyclist kept away from the scene.

The young man with a weapon violently smashed the car, the car driver pressed the gas to chase, repeatedly hitting people and cars

The incident is said to have happened around 4pm on April 6. It is not yet clear where the collision occurred, the cause and the specific damage. But after the clip was posted, people talked about it. Most were terrified by the boldness and recklessness of the two drivers.

-“It is not clear what the friction is, but the driver’s behavior is to disregard the law, property and other people’s lives.”

– “Fear! I don’t understand what happened, but both of them are so aggressive. This is unacceptable behavior. Behave like a Gypsy”.

– “I don’t know what is right and wrong, I hope the police agency will intervene to clarify”some comments of netizens.

Holding a violent weapon, smashing a car, the young man was chased by the driver and hit the gas - Photo 2. htm

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