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Hot girl Nam Phuong “forever plum”, Pu Met Seven is different when on screen

18 contestants entered the recording round of KOC VIETNAM 2022 there were 9 girls. Every girl of season 1 attracts attention with her impressive ability and attractive appearance in her own way. On personal social networks, the girls are even more comfortable and confident. Let’s take a look at the real-life and online KOC girls to see how interesting the difference is!

Hot girl Nguyen Bui Nam Phuong is beautiful “forever plum”

Nguyen Bui Nam Phuong (nickname Bong, SN 1999) is a real hot girl in real life when she was crowned the highest position at the Miss Teen 2017 contest. In the program, Nam Phuong’s beauty was not overshadowed but also somewhat lovable. Opponent Call me Duy did not hesitate to give compliments to the hot girl: “You have the appearance of working in the Beauty industry and you are really beautiful, but you don’t try to pretend that you are beautiful because you are already very beautiful.”

Nam Phuong’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

The beauty of the beautiful girls KOC VIETNAM 2022: Hot girl Nam Phuong is forever plum, Pu Met Bay is different when it comes to the picture - Photo 2.

Nam Phuong on KOC VIETNAM is so cute

photo2022 04 09 222253 16495177951021742610437
photo2022 04 09 222257 16495177951351349011478

Nam Phuong is very pretty in real life, not much different on broadcast

Pu Met Seven is mature on the air, it’s really cool in real life

Pu Met Bay (real name: Pham Thi Phuong Thao, SN 1994) is one of the impressive elements at the show with her professional style at work. If appearing at KOC VIETNAM with a mature and senior attitude, in real life, Pu Met Bay has a bit more personality and coolness.

screenshot 282 1649513458423923587790
photo2022 04 0920 32 31 164951143796294168999

Pu Met Seven is mature and professional in the program (the middle orange shirt)

pu1 16495135630461110743187
pu 16495135630061385204813

In real life, she is extremely young with a great style of eating

Pu Met Seven’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

Beautiful, lovely Kieu Thanh

If in the show Kieu Thanh (SN 2000) appeared with a “cool” personality, in real life, she is extremely attractive with a lovely exterior and a milky face. Kieu Thanh’s gentle and sweet style makes viewers have a lot of sympathy.

screenshot 307 16495138151941696891967
screenshot 306 16495138151531644147474

Kieu Thanh dressed up with personality and “cool” in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM

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27724944431710094198319714079329598254960290n 16495111330201412403836

In real life, she is very pretty and cute

KOC VIETNAM’s exam in volume 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

Linh Sim is beautiful anytime, anywhere

Working as a TikToker specializing in beauty, Linh Sim (Luong Phuong Linh, SN 2001) impresses with her beautiful appearance and hair that changes color with the seasons. Joining the program, Linh Sim is no different, still very beautiful and attractive.

screenshot 321 164951416167356068676
photo2022 04 0920 15 35 1649511437838647023317

Linh Sim in the exam part 1 KOC VIETNAM 2022

photo2022 04 0920 29 30 16495111336611263366497
photo2022 04 0920 29 30 2 16495111336391105544488

In real life, she impresses with her constantly changing color and eye-catching fashion sense

Linh Sim’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

I’m Lucia is pretty for her age

In episode 1 of KOC VIETNAM 2022, I’m Lucia (real name: Ho Thi Quynh Mai, SN 2000) is attractive because the image is somewhat more mature than the dynamic look in real life. Maybe she’s trying to bring a professional and well-rounded energy to the show!

photo2022 04 0920 15 36 1649511437893961060943
photo 1 16494124607881826392338 1649514523138332041034

Lucia is more mature in the show than in real life

2739143579922413247177228485775488223786621n 16495111328351419384775
27755906310197084486376768999093444698399337n 16495111331181208813608

In real life, she looks younger than her age

I’m Lucia’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

I’m Tieu Hy – the show’s tomboy

Appearing in the program, Tui is Tieu Hy impresses when she always wears a mask and never shows herself. In real life, too, the tomboy girl always appears unique and personality.

photo2022 04 0920 29 28 16495111334521866153622
photo2022 04 0920 29 28 2 16495111334291519075454

In real life and in photos, Tieu Hy is still very mysterious!

Exam part of I Am Tieu Hy in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

Chau Muoi how old hack

Chau Muoi girl impresses with super-reviewed clips with a super-hacked look. Both when appearing on social networks and on television, no one expected this young girl to be an 8x citizen.

2755521073592468162083971501444908393180958n 16495111329331024253959
photo2022 04 0920 15 34 1649511437814617549287

On social media and in the program, Chau Muoi is no different

Chau Muoi’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

Miss Em Love Model is full of personality

Just by hearing her name, I know that Co Em Me Mau (real name: Uyen Nguyen, SN: 2002) has a passion for modeling and must have long legs. On her personal page, Uyen Nguyen often appears with model-quality pictures with a super attractive personality.

photo2022 04 0921 42 07 1649515354330200497020
photo2022 04 0920 36 59 16495114380761237736997

Miss Em Me Model appeared on the show

photo2022 04 0920 29 29 2 1649511133558310863134
photo2022 04 0920 29 29 16495111336191059884073

In real life, she has a very cool style

Miss Em Me Mau’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

Tu Nguyen is full of charm

Tu Nguyen is one of the two rare 8X faces of KOC VIETNAM, always associated with a mature and serious image. In contrast to the broadcast, in real life she is extremely attractive and attractive.

Tu Nguyen in serious show, super sexy in real life

Tu Nguyen’s exam in episode 1 KOC VIETNAM 22 (Source: KOC VIETNAM)

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The beauty of the beautiful girl group KOC VIETNAM 2022: Hot girl Nam Phuong is forever plum, Pu Met Bay is different when it comes to the picture - Photo 26.

Photo: Synthesis

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