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“I don’t put pressure on my son”

Mentioned Thuy Van, the audience loves her not only for her beautiful appearance and success, but also for her happy family life. It is known that Thuy Van’s son, Tony, 10 years old, is studying at an international school in Hanoi.

Although Thuy Van has never shared a specific number of fees for her son, according to research, to attend that international school, parents have to pay primary school fees ranging from 600 – 700 million/year. The number of school fees will increase as children enter the older classes.

Revealing about her son, Thuy Van is always full of pride and happiness. Because, Tony is a smart kid, very lovable and understanding. With her educational perspective, Thuy Van said that she always creates a “friend” relationship with her son so that he can share with her all his thoughts and feelings.

Runner-up Thuy Van:
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Thuy Van shared: “Tony is growing old, starting to learn more about the world around, so it is in need of mother’s sharing. Once Tony asked: “Is it so hard to be an adult, mom?”.

Recently, many heartbreaking stories of children in the study pressure of parents and children also make Thuy Van very worried and heartbroken.

Because of those lessons, Thuy Van is more and more aware that her children also have their own feelings and they need to be shared every day: “I have a way to get closer to my children that often tell them about my own work and then discuss issues around work with them. Thinking positively, my ‘busyness’ is also good. It’s a good lesson for you.”.

Besides, Thuy Van also expressed that she does not pressure her son to become a talented person: “As long as she is always cheerful, happy and has the passion to pursue.”

Runner-up Thuy Van:
Runner-up Thuy Van:
Runner-up Thuy Van:


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