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Is it good to detox with cassava after Covid-19?

08/04/2022 12:59 GMT+7

Many people tell each other after Covid-19 to drink tapioca water to flush out toxins caused by the virus, reducing the post-Covid-19 situation.

Ha Thi Thu (Ha Dong, Hanoi) said that after the whole family contracted Covid-19, everyone was anorexia and tired, so she had a way to detox the digestive tract so that the virus was eliminated through excretion by drinking water. cassava mixed with alum sugar.

Ms. Thu said, every day, she takes warm water about 40 degrees Celsius and stirs the tapioca flour and alum sugar until it dissolves. Cut 1-2 slices of lemon and divide into cups for family members to drink twice a day to detox, good for digestion, clean viruses in the digestive system to help eat better.

On the F0 home counseling group, many former F0s also shared that using the remedy of cassava juice with alum sugar helps to reduce symptoms of fatigue after recovering from Covid-19, detoxifying the virus from the body, and recovering faster. .

Mr. Nguyen Thao (Van Khe, Ha Dong) also shared that in 10 days of isolation because of Covid-19, he regularly drank two cups of tapioca juice with lemon every day to help clear heat better. This is also a habit that Mr. Thao often uses when people are tired and do not want to eat.

Doctor Nguyen Van Dan – Associate Professor of Traditional Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City According to Doctor Dan, when infected with Covid-19, the patient will experience an acute phase with symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever …

After the acute phase, the patient may experience symptoms of fatigue, blood, and toxic heat from outside, use tapioca water to clear heat, not detoxify.

Until now, people often misunderstand the so-called detox in the body. This leads to the problem of using herbs or foods continuously and massively to “detox”.

For the pathology of Covid-19, many misconceptions were formed and spread by word of mouth, causing many unfortunate incidents.

Is it good to detox with cassava after Covid-19?
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After the acute phase, depending on the condition of each patient, there is damage or not. Depending on the condition, the specialist doctor will choose the appropriate remedy for the patient.

Do not arbitrarily use traditional medicine herbs without recommendations from experts to avoid unwanted effects.

As for the ready-made string, Doctor Dan said cassava, also known as sand root. According to Oriental medicine, the sand base is sweet, cool, and average; into the spleen, stomach, waste, bladder. It has the effect of clearing heat, relaxing muscles, penetrating diagnoses, only thirsting, and giving birth to only describe.

Treatment of fever, headache, stiff neck and shoulder pain, fever, thirst, dysentery, diarrhea, and measles rash that grows slowly and irregularly. Daily use 6 – 16g of sand base by sharpening, boiling, stewing, squeezing water; Flower sand use 6 – 12g.

In traditional medicine, kudzu is like a precious medicine that you can modify, use them simply but bring positive effects on health. Based on your own preferences, you can apply one of the above traditional medicine remedies to be able to bring positive effects in the treatment of diseases.

In daily life, people can use it to mix drinking water or cook it into a paste to eat.

If you use ready-to-drink powder mixed with drinking water, it will help you feel light, generate your heart, only thirst, treat late heatstroke, thirst, and you will not be able to diagnose.

But when the powder is ready to cook, it has the effect of nourishing the stomach, helping the patient eat better, good for the digestive system.

From the point of view of oriental medicine, after recovering from Covid-19, the patient may suffer from blood damage. The degree of damage depends on the individual and depends on the condition.

If you have good resistance, the impact is less, the body will recover on its own. On the contrary, those who are in poor physical condition are more likely to be affected, and their blood and qi are damaged more. It is possible that the patient has a full stomach, poor digestion, and can cook ready-made flour to eat.

‘If there is a phenomenon of thirst, use fresh tapioca water. However, patients need to consult a doctor before using it,” noted Dr. Dan.

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