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Mother rhino confronts a male weighing 2 tons

Male rhinos constantly stalk and chase their young to find a way to mate, causing the mother rhino to decide to fight in a South African reserve.

Mother rhino confronts a male weighing 2 tons

Female rhinos fight with males to protect their young. Video: Nathan Newman

Nathan Newman spotted a female white rhino and her young while leading a tour group in the Kapama Private Reserve in South Africa. Footage captured by Newman shows a male rhino weighing an estimated 2,300 kg following the female rhino, leading to a tense duel between the two animals.

Newman watched a male rhino try to scare away a 3-year-old baby so he could pair up with his mother. With shrill screams, the animal continued to chase the female rhino around the grasslands. Finally, the mother rhino turns to face and refuses to back down when the opponent tries to apply pressure.

“I have never seen a rhinoceros confrontation this fierce in my 6 years as a guide. I did not expect the male rhino to be so fierce and clingy. At the end of the interaction, the rhinoceros was numb. The female sensed led the young away but the male kept following. From what we saw, the two animals were not injured,” Newman said.

Young rhinos are weaned at about 2.5 years of age, but remain with their mothers until the age of 3 until the mother gives birth again. Can weigh up to 1,400 – 3,590 kg, the white rhino is the only species of the 5 rhino species not on the endangered animal list. However, they are also in the near-threatened group with 18,000 surviving individuals.

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