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My wife is too free to think about things

09/04/2022 14:13 GMT+7

Huyen has a habit of calling and texting her husband constantly. Before he could answer, she stood still, suspicious, sulking…

One day, just because her husband was busy with a meeting, she did not reply to messages, but even during dinner, Huyen’s face was heavy and light. Very upset, Huyen’s husband snapped: “I’m going to work, not going out, if you’re too free, find something else to do.” Her husband’s words touched Huyen’s pride, she just wanted to bond with husband and wife, but he was cruel.

Calling and texting her husband, she didn't get an early reply, so she couldn't sit still (Artwork)
Calling and texting her husband, she didn’t get an early reply, so she stood still. (Illustration)

Huyen immediately called her sister-in-law “mock” and asked for a divorce. Unexpectedly, the older sister smiled and said: “My husband is right, I am too free, so I often think about miscellaneous things”. At first, Huyen thought that she was defending her brother, but after listening to her explanation, she realized that she was right.
Huyen is in charge of the reading room of a library. Occasionally, readers come to register to borrow books. Huyen has a lot of free time, so she keeps texting and calling her husband. After work, the house is just the couple, a simple meal is done, and Huyen waits for her husband to return. All her concerns revolved around her husband.

Huyen woke up when she heard her sister-in-law say: “I’ve just been married, so I put too much expectations on marriage, which can easily lead to disappointment, blame, and loss of trust. In fact, everyone changes over time, can’t ask a romantic husband to take care of her like when she was in love. When I consider my husband as the whole world, focusing all of my joy on it will be easy to feel disappointed when the other person behaves not according to her wishes.

Her sister-in-law suggested that, in addition to taking care of her husband and raising the family, Huyen needed to find a joy and passion to pursue and she would find life much lighter. She told Huyen to try to learn to bake, practice yoga, read books, plant trees… or whatever she feels happy after working hours at the office. When she’s busy, she won’t have time to dwell on unnecessary trifles. In particular, she reminded Huyen not to put her mind on her husband too much, to know how to “abandon” just enough so that her husband doesn’t feel suffocated because of being controlled.

Listening to her sister-in-law, Huyen signed up for a baking course combined with self-study via an online channel. After a month, Huyen began to make simple cakes. Passion keeps Huyen busy. Outside of working hours, she is busy looking for ingredients and trying out new cakes. The surprising thing is that Huyen no longer texted to ask her husband, but he actively informed his wife when coming home late from work.

Many women, after getting married, have thrown away their personal joys, focused on taking care of the family, their minds only revolve around their husbands and children, and then gradually become disappointed and frustrated, accusing the other of changing, no longer love yourself. As husband and wife, each person needs a separate space to balance emotions. Having passion, having fun, mind not completely dependent on husband and children, the wife will find happiness.

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