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Ngoc Quyen is happy to see her mother again in America after 2 years of separation

Recently, on her personal page, Ngoc Quyen happily showed off the joy of seeing her biological mother again after 2 long years of separation because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The emotional former model wrote: “Complete joy, my family is reunited. My mother can’t visit after 2 years of epidemic, now is the last trip? Mother does not have to suffer 23-24 hours of flying to the US to visit her children. She is also too old. I’m old, haven’t seen each other for 2 years, meet again today, my mother’s hair is white. Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

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In 8 years, although I have had many difficulties and challenges in a foreign land, I know what I want, Mom. How many times do I want to give up everything to be with my family and not suffer any more regrets, but when I see what I left, I can’t give up. Looking at my mother getting older every day, my feet are no longer steady, I am not tired to run forward. It’s not easy to start over and no one wants to go to the bottom and climb up again, right? But I never give up because I believe that what I try, God will see.

Now that my mother has passed, I firmly believe that my decisions are not wrong, Mom. After all, I can only be grateful for the difficulties, I am not angry or resentful of what happened because I know it is just a test for a very long life ahead. I hope that you have been and are like me, keep trying and striving and then what you want will come true. I believe and I firmly believe so.”

After a few hours of posting, Ngoc Quyen’s share received the attention of the public. Many people congratulated the model mother and daughter on being reunited after 2 years of separation.

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Previously, Ngoc Quyen had shared about being a single mother:Who said single mothers are not miserable, both free and happy. Look at my gold nugget, take a picture of what you say hug your mother, then it’s just a quick kiss and the watermark is gone. Many people say that being a single mother must be very hard, it will be very hard if you put pressure on yourself. I have experience here, arranging time, having less friends, having children is not very extreme. So sisters who are single mothers should be proud and happy. Don’t feel sorry for yourself anymore. There are no problems, how can mothers be so strong and independent …”.

Before coming to the US, Ngoc Quyen was a famous model. She joined the modeling village very early and won the Miss Award fashion 2004, The Most Favorite Model 2006, The Most Impressive Style Model 2008, The Talented Model of the 2008 Vietnam Model Award… The beauty born in 1989 is also active in the film industry with TV series such as “Tropical snow”, “Perhaps we love each other”, “Successful beauty”, “Mother-in-law”…

In 2014, Ngoc Quyen suddenly boarded a flower car with overseas Vietnamese doctor Richard Le. At the beginning of 2016, she gave birth to her husband’s first son. In October 2018, Ngoc Quyen and her husband overseas Vietnamese secretly divorced after 4 years of living together.

Currently, she is enjoying a free and happy life with her young son. She shared that her current life is quite stable and her business is also favorable.

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