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Only 2 cases of Covid-19, Guangzhou tested 18 million people

According to official data, on April 8, there were 25,701 new cases of Covid-19 across China, of which Shanghai alone recorded 23,600 cases – a record high number. However, there are 22,600 asymptomatic cases in Shanghai.

Shanghai Vice Mayor Zong Ming in a press conference today (April 9) announced the adjustments to the epidemic prevention regulations of China’s largest city.

However, according to Bloomberg, overall measures remain strict as people living in infected areas continue to be banned from leaving their homes. Residents in areas with no confirmed cases in the past week can leave their homes and travel within that area.

Particularly for residents living in areas where there have been no cases of infection in the past 14 days, they are free to travel but must comply with social distancing rules.

China: Only 2 cases of Covid-19, Guangzhou tested 18 million people - Photo 1.

Shanghai continues to break the record for the number of new Covid-19 cases. Photo: Reuters

Shanghai is building isolation wards for hundreds of thousands of people in the context of China still pursuing a “no Covid-19” policy, according to Bloomberg.

The financial and economic center of China has recorded a spike in SARS-CoV-2 infections since March 28. The prolonged outbreak has severely affected China’s supply chain.

As described by Bloombergcontainers of goods are backlogged at China’s largest port in Shanghai, due to strict epidemic prevention measures leading to a shortage of trucks to receive goods.

All in all, the city of 25 million people is struggling with shortages of goods and difficulty in getting basic medical care. This has caused complaints from the people.

In addition, all 18 million people in 11 districts of the Guangzhou megacity (southern China) were also required to be tested for Covid-19, China Central Television reported on April 9.

The move of the Guangzhou government comes after it was identified that there were 2 cases positive for SARS-CoV-2 and a few other cases without symptoms on April 8.

Yantian Terminal at the port of Shenzhen in southern China also announced to stop delivering goods for about 2 hours tomorrow (April 10) for “system maintenance”, according to a notice sent to customers. Previously, the port suspended deliveries on April 7 and it is still unclear whether the maintenance is related to Covid -19 or not.

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