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Possessing assets of nearly 8,500 billion VND, the giants of Hanoi announced a terrible business plan

Owning a fortune of nearly 8,500 billion VND, this Hanoi giant has announced an ambitious business plan in 2022.

After the news that FLC Group Chairman Trinh Van Quyet and Tan Hoang Minh Group Chairman Nguyen Anh Dung were detained, the market stock The domestic market has experienced a strong decline week. During the trading week from April 4 to 8, the index VN-Index a total decrease of 34.44 points (-2.27%); HNX-Index dropped 22.08 points (-4.86%).

With the decline of the stock market, a series of giants in the Top richest people on the stock exchange have “evaporated” from a few tens to several trillion dong along with the decreasing momentum of the stocks they hold.

However, in a volatile week of VN-Index, the assets of giant Ngo Chi Dung and his family members still recorded a slight increase. Accordingly, at the end of the trading session on April 8, the stock code VPB of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank recorded a decrease of 1,000 dong/share to close at 38,800 dong/share.

Although recording a decrease of 2.51% in the last trading session of the week, VPB still recorded a slight increase of 200 dong/share in the last trading week compared to the closing price on April 1.

Calculating at market prices, the assets of Hanoi giant Ngo Chi Dung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of VPB are worth nearly 8,500 billion VND. Meanwhile, the property of Mrs. Hoang Anh Minh – Mr. Dung’s wife also has a market value of more than 8,450 billion VND, Ngo Chi Dung’s daughter, Ngo Minh Phuong, also owns a fortune of nearly 280 billion. VND thanks to the slight increase of VPB shares in the last trading week.

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The wealth of the rich family Ngo Chi Dung still increased slightly in the red week of the VN-Index

Along with the slight increase of shares in the red market trading week, recently VPB, chaired by Mr. Dung, also announced an ambitious business plan.

According to the document of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders announced by this bank, VPBank’s Board of Directors is expected to submit to shareholders for approval the plan that pre-tax profit will more than double compared to 2021, reaching VND 29,662 billion. This profit even surpassed the bank with the highest profit last year, Vietcombank, with VND 27,376 billion.

Out of this nearly $1.3 billion in profit, VPBank expects the parent bank’s own profit to be over VND23 trillion, up 66% over the same period.

The above ambitious profit plan of VPBank is based on the expectation that total assets will increase by 27.4%, reaching VND 697,413 billion at the end of the year. Along with that, customer deposits are also planned to increase by 27.8%, reaching 413,060 billion.

Notably, in 2022, VPBank expects credit growth of up to 35%, reaching VND 518,440 billion by the end of the year.

Also at the upcoming shareholder meeting, VPBank will submit to shareholders a huge capital increase plan, bringing the bank’s charter capital to VND 79,334 billion.

To implement this plan, VPB is expected to have 2 capital increases and VPB will become the bank with the highest charter capital in the market, far surpassing even state-owned banks such as Vietcombank, VietinBank or BIDV.

Market commentary Vietnamese securities In the next trading week from April 12 to 15, experts of VCBS Securities said that the fact that the VN Index recorded a rather strong downtrend after failing before the 1,530 point mark made investor sentiment become more volatile. cautiously back. VCBS continues to think that the trend of the index next week will be to retest the support zone of 1,470 – 1,480 points (around the 20-day moving average) and wait for the supply-demand balance to be established along with sentiment. investors stabilized before being able to get back the 1,500 point mark.

VCBS recommends that bottom-fishing demand in the past week is still there, but it is not enough to make VN-Index go against the general trend in the world. In the next week, VCBS expects cash flow to return to large-cap stocks – which had a rather deep discount after last week. With such developments, short-term investors can disburse with a small proportion of “pillar” stocks leading the market, while mid- and long-term investors should still wait. when the market price level is more stable, then consider disbursing.

With the same opinion, experts of SHS Securities Company also believe that in the next trading week from April 12 to April 15, VN-Index may continue to correct to the next support zone in the range of 1.425- 1,450 points (bottom in March 2022) to find bottom fishing demand. SHS believes that in a positive scenario, if the demand in the support zone of 1,425-1,450 points is good enough, the market may soon recover again.

Experts of MB Securities Joint Stock Company (MBS) said that the downward pressure of the market has spread and affected many groups of stocks that have not yet increased in recent times.

The market decline in the last session of the week did not come from the impact of the international market, selling pressure in some speculative stocks was still the main reason. MBS believes that investors should not fish at the bottom for this group of stocks, prioritizing portfolio management.

Normally, after the deep dropping sessions like April 8, the market will have technical recovery sessions, which investors can take advantage of to restructure their portfolios when the cash flow is shifting to stocks in the next few days. The VN30 basket as well as the group of stocks with fundamental factors have accumulated recently.

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