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Regardless of whether the person is old or young, doing this work at 9pm not only sleeps well, the internal organs are healthy

Foot baths have many benefits. When you’re active all day long, your nerves are tense, soaking your feet helps soothe your nerves and relax your muscles. In addition, foot bath not only has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and yang, but also helps to improve sleep quality.

After soaking your feet, you can massage your feet for a few minutes, which can help blood circulation better, internal organs are also more regulated.

When is a good time to soak your feet?

21 o’clock is the best time of day to soak your feet. This is the time when the qi and blood of the kidney meridians are relatively weak after a day of non-stop movement. Soaking feet at this time helps increase body temperature, blood vessels in the body will expand, which is beneficial to promoting circulation and blood circulation.

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Not only for the elderly, for young people, foot bath is also very good for health. (Illustration)

During the day, nerves are stressed due to movement and thinking. Soaking feet in a still state also helps to relax the mind and make the spirit much more comfortable. Oriental medicine doctors recommend that you should not continue to exercise after soaking your feet, but should quickly dry your feet and then fall asleep.

How long is the best time to soak your feet?

Experts say that when soaking your feet, the water temperature should not be too hot. The ideal temperature is around 40°C. Soaking time should not be too long, about half an hour is appropriate. For the best foot bath effect, you should use a wooden basin with water.

The taboo things when soaking feet

+ Soaking time should not be too long

A period of 15-30 minutes is appropriate to soak the feet, because cooking for too long, the blood rushes to the lower extremities, causing the brain to be inadequately supplied with blood, causing dizziness. If the patient has cardiovascular diseases, the elderly feel chest tightness, dizziness… when soaking their feet, they should pause. In addition, the peripheral perception of diabetic patients is poor, so family members should test the water temperature first to prevent burns.

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Soak your feet for 30 minutes every night to help you sleep well and prevent many diseases. (Illustration)

+ Do not soak your feet within an hour of eating

After a meal, most of the blood in the body is concentrated in the digestive tract. Therefore, if you soak your feet in hot water right after a meal, the blood that should have been circulated to the digestive system will be concentrated in the lower extremities, affecting the digestive process. Therefore, it is best to soak your feet for 1 hour after a meal.

+ Do not let children soak their feet in hot water

The foot structure of children is different from that of adults. In addition, young skin is immature and has thin vessels. When children soak their feet in hot water, the ligaments of the soles of the feet will be loose, which is not conducive to the formation and maintenance of the arch of the feet, easy to form flat feet.

Women should not soak their feet during menstruation

Women during menstruation, blood volume decreases, blood pressure drops easily, should not soak feet during this period. Many people think that soaking your feet when “red light” will help relieve stomach pain, but in fact, this is not only not soothing, but can also worsen symptoms such as menstrual pain.

How to properly mix foot bath?

Soak your feet with ginger water

If your body is often cold, it is best to soak your feet with ginger. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is a medicine with a pungent taste and warm properties. Ginger can stimulate the capillaries, improve blood circulation and metabolism. Those who are afraid of cold, prone to cold hands and feet can use ginger to soak their feet.

It should be noted that soaking your feet with ginger is not giving a lot of ginger. You should take 15-30 grams of ginger (about half a medium ginger root), smash it and put it in a pot of water to boil for about 10 minutes. After that, you decant the ginger juice, remove the residue, and then add an appropriate amount of cold water, until the water reaches about 40℃. When soaking your feet, the water should cover your ankles. For best results, you should massage your feet while soaking. After a regular period of doing this, the symptoms of chills, colds in general can be improved to a certain extent.

To increase the effectiveness of foot bath, you combine drinking a cup of ginger juice cooked with red apple.

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Soak your feet with ginger to warm the body. (Illustration)

Soak feet with cinnamon powder

Cinnamon is a spice commonly used in every household. Using them to soak your feet is effective in reducing edema, swelling, and inflammation, especially in reducing edema caused by kidney disease.

The usage is similar to ginger, you take about 15g of cinnamon or combine with chi (a medicinal spice in Vietnam called Mac Khen) to boil water to soak your feet. Consistently using this method to soak your feet can be effective in reducing swelling.

Soak your feet with wormwood

Wormwood is a warm, bitter, non-toxic medicine. Mugwort has the function of tonic yang, regulating blood, except cold, stopping bleeding. Soaking feet with wormwood leaves also works to improve lung function, so it is very good for people with chronic bronchitis, people who often cough with phlegm.

Soaking feet with wormwood is similar to soaking feet with ginger. You use about 30-50 grams of dried wormwood, bring to a boil, drain the water, and dilute it to soak your feet.

When soaking your feet with wormwood, you should pay attention to drink more warm water, eat less cold food… People with fever, low blood pressure, diabetes should only soak wormwood feet under the guidance of a doctor, not recommended. soak too often. The reason, foot bath with wormwood can lower blood pressure, easily cause dizziness, headache…

Soak your feet with vinegar

Add a few tablespoons of white vinegar to warm water to soak your feet to help moisturize your feet, eliminate fatigue, and cure sleep disorders. The acetic acid in vinegar has the effect of promoting metabolism, can help you relax, restore strength, fight arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure…

Salt water foot bath

Soaking feet in salt water can exfoliate and cure foot fungus, because salt has a very good effect of killing viruses and disinfecting.

In addition, soaking your feet with salt water has the effect of helping to sleep, anti-aging …

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