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Relive your childhood with an exciting arcade game

The Andro Dunos II game is the sequel to Neo Geo’s 1992 Andro Dunos, published by SNK. Like the first, this is a shooter that includes seven levels and several modes that can be unlocked upon completion.

What makes the game stand out is the ability to swap between four distinct weapons, each of which can be individually upgraded and has the ability to fire at super speed and allow the player’s ship to deal massive damage in a single charge. occlusion.

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In the main menu, the player can choose the standard arcade mode from levels 1 to 7 (with some extras unlocked later). Some of the first levels will be space-themed, followed by traveling underwater, or to a yellow city in a starry sky, or even inside a giant warship.

The background is very diverse and there are different types of enemies between levels to keep players feeling fresh. Each level ends with a boss battle.

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There are seven levels in all, and three levels can be unlocked later, including a boss battle. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, plus it’s possible to adjust the number of respawns that continue playing up to nine times.

A pity in the game Andro Dunos II is that the leaderboard is not ranked online to expand the scope of competition. But for one is stage selection where the player can choose to play only one stage or start from any of the seven levels and continue through the remaining levels from that point on.

Returning to the main gameplay, when destroying enemy ships, players will receive three types of power-ups. They help level up missiles, shields, or whatever weapon the player has equipped at the time.

Losing the ship also means reducing the power level of whatever weapon the player is using at the time. Activating the hypershot recharges the weapon, allowing it to destroy the enemy’s projectile and destroy the enemy. But during the cooldown, the player should switch to another weapon for a while.

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In some levels, enemy ships and laser beams can appear from any corner. The visuals are fine, but the music in the game isn’t very appealing. The background music feels a bit softer, but not too suitable for this type of shooting game.

Andro Dunos II is a fun game with a novel weapon system. It’s unfortunate that it’s not possible to participate in online ratings, but the main gameplay can still provide a satisfying experience for players.

All in all, this game has the advantages of good weapon-changing properties, interesting enemies and diverse contexts, can flexibly choose the game screen and three difficulty levels. The downside is that the game doesn’t have options for screens and visualizations, there’s no online battle rankings, and the frames aren’t enough to see everything unfold at once.

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