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Solar powered agricultural dryer

Witnessing that many agricultural products produced by farmers are discarded due to damage during harvesting or transportation, India’s S4S technology company has developed a model of a food-powered food dryer. Solar.

Ms. Nidhi Pant – S4S Technology Company: “There are two big problems, the first is the waste that occurs from the farm to the consumer market, the second is that the farmers are not getting the right price for their efforts. This is the main reason for the push. We invented this agricultural dryer to reduce waste and bring better income to farmers.”.

The machine runs entirely on solar energy and can save people 1/10 of the time compared to the traditional drying method.

Agricultural drying machine powered by solar energy - Photo 1.

“In India, we use the traditional way of sun drying to dry the products, but it usually takes 6-10 days, which leads to a lot of microorganisms and fungi growth. Using a power dryer In the sun, we can dry the product within 6 to 8 hours, thereby maintaining 80-95% of the complete nutrition.” Ms. Nidhi Pant said.

The lack of stockpiles is also the reason why Indian farmers are forced to sell their fresh produce immediately after harvesting at a lower price.

Farmer Sobha Rathod shared: “Small pieces of ginger used to go to waste, but now we can chop and dry them thanks to a solar food dryer. When it dries, the company also helps us sell more More products, more money. As a result, our lives are improved.”.

S4S Technologies is currently working with 3,000 farmers or small cooperatives at 270 locations across the country to purchase and resell produce directly to some of the world’s largest food producers including Sodexo. , Nestle and Unilever.

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