The boyfriend’s house is poor, the girl left, her lover’s mother left the book

“Listening to her, I burst into tears and was touched and ashamed of myself.”

Me with boyfriend love each other since college. He’s a boy from a small town and I’m from the city. During 6 years of love, although many times he offered to take me home to visit, but for one reason or another, I refused.

I’m also quite careful, keeping a close eye in love affairs. Even though I really love you, I will not follow you back to say hello to my family until I am not sure if we will move forward together or not.

After graduating from school and working for more than 2 years, the two of us had stable jobs, he asked me to get married, then I decided to go with him to say hello to my family.

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His hometown is far away, sitting in the car for nearly half a day, all people are tired to get there. When I arrived at your door, I was quite surprised because even though I knew that your family was not rich, I did not think about such a situation.

When all the surrounding houses are built with high-rise buildings, his house is still level 4, the old tile roof is covered with green and black moss, inside, there is still a brick floor, plastic tables and chairs. Really, just looking at it, I didn’t want to sit.

My parents were gentle, they saw me coming back to pour water, someone took a towel for me to wipe my face. They knew that I was tired from going away, so they prepared rice and soup to wait for me to come back to eat, not demanding or reprimanding me.

During the meal, my mother always called me daughter. The way she talks to me is also very friendly and appreciative. However, looking around your house, there is nothing worth a few million more than the wall-mounted television that I see attractive.

I’m not a pragmatic girl, but I think love is also rational, because husband and children are a lifelong affair, if you marry someone who is too different in your circumstances, it’s hard to get along in the future.

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So after the meal, I was about to get up and ask for permission to return to the city earlier than planned. But when I stood up, his mother pulled her hand and gave me a 1 billion savings book and said:

“The two of you are old, there is not much left to go through life. In the past few decades, I have only saved this much, so that in a few years, Kien (my boyfriend’s name) will start a business and get married in the city, then I will give it to him to buy a house.

Now that the two of you have decided to get married, I will give this book to you to keep. Up there, the two of you try to find a house to get married soon.”

When I heard her say that, I burst into tears and was both touched and ashamed of myself. Now the two younger brothers are officially husband and wife, living in an apartment bought with his parents’ savings.

Whenever I think back to the old story, I feel ashamed of my husband’s family, sisters.

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