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The British finance minister’s wife made the whole country boil

According to many reports, Ms. Murthy is the daughter of the co-founder of Infosys, India’s giant multinational media technology group. And owns shares worth more than 430 million pounds in Infosys while the queen’s fortune is only about 350 million pounds.

The couple have at least four homes, including a five-bedroom £7 million home in upmarket Kensington, London, and an apartment in Santa Monica, California. Murthy is also a director of venture capital firm Catamaran Ventures, which she founded with her husband, Rishi Sunak, in 2013.

Mr Sunak is under fire for UK law that requires all ministers to disclose all of their financial details as well as those of family members when they take office. As Mr. Sunak allegedly violated this law by not disclosing his wife’s financial assets, authorities launched an investigation.

According to media reports, authorities also found that Mr. Sunak’s financial statements only mentioned that his wife was the owner of a small company called Catamaran Ventures based in the UK.

The British finance minister's wife made the whole country boil - Photo 1.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife. Photo: Reuters

In addition, Ms. Murthy’s ownership of Infosys shares is actually a conflict of interest for Mr. Sunak as the UK government is the contractor for this technology company.

Ms Murthy also has undeclared shares in six other UK companies, including a £900m-a-year joint venture with Amazon India, according to media reports.

Last week, Mr. Sunak was criticized for linking the Murthy family’s business to Russia. Britain’s finance minister insists he has “nothing to do” with Infosys. His spokesman also said Ms Murthy was not involved in any of the company’s operating decisions.

On April 8, Mrs Murthy said she would stop dodging British taxes on her foreign income, succumbing to public pressure once seen by Mr Sunak as political smears.

Public anger over Mrs Murthy’s tax situation was heightened by Mr Sunak’s decision to raise the pay tax at a time when rising inflation has left Britons facing the biggest cost-of-living squeeze yet. since 1956.

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