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The F0 need vitamin C, this wild plant is both a clean vegetable and can cook many delicious hot pot soups and recover quickly.

Sunday, April 10, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

The F0 really need to supplement vitamin C by eating, this wild plant is in season, it is a clean, wild vegetable cooked in soup, hot pot is very simple, delicious, and quickly recovers health.

A little bit about sorrel and sorrel

Sorrel plants grow a lot in damp places at the end of the garden, along the banks of ditches, in shallow fields… In the early summer, having a bowl of sour soup with tamarind leaves helps relieve fatigue a lot. Sorrel leaves are green like 3 heart-shaped petals, so it is also called clover. Flowers grow in a canopy consisting of 2-3 flowers, sometimes 4 purple flowers, sometimes yellow. Tamarind wire feels hairy, crawls on the ground, long thin stalk.

Rural children love to chew tamarind leaves, both happy and sweet.

Sorrel is also an effective medicine. According to the documents of Dr. Nguyen Le Quyen (Faculty of Traditional Medicine, Ha Giang General Hospital), in traditional medicine, sorrel plant has cool properties, heat-clearing, detoxifying, diuretic effects… can cure diseases skin such as ulcers, boils, burns… very effective.

Farmers, if they suffer from acne, go to the garden to pick up sour and tamarind plants, wash them, pound them for drinking water. The remaining residue is applied to the swollen area very quickly.

The F0 need vitamin C, this wild plant is both a clean vegetable and can cook many delicious hot pot soups, quickly recovering - 1

Sorrel plant with yellow flowers, purple flowers. Illustration.

Sour and tamarind soups are refreshing

The plant grows wild and is easy to grow, so it is considered a clean vegetable, a specialty of the countryside that is rich in vitamin C, can process a lot of hot pot dishes, soups, and hotpots that are healthy and delicious.

Tilapia cooked with sour tamarind


– Tilapia 1 big (should choose fish raised for more meat, easy to remove bones, avoid choking, fresh water).

– Sorrel leaves 1 medium handful (there are 2 types of sour and tamarind plants, cook sour soup, so choose big leaves that will be more delicious and less acidic).

– Dried red onion 1 bulb (with compressed bulbs will be more fragrant).

– Coriander, green onion, cilantro, pepper, fresh chili.

– Spices: White sugar, salt, seasoning, fish sauce.


Tilapia is scaled and cleaned (remember to remove the black film to avoid fishy). Remove fishy with lemon salt seeds (or salt vinegar seeds) rub until fish is not viscous and fishy. Cut the fish in half, or slit the sides of the fish.

Sour leaves, washed, cut into pieces.

Peeled red onion, chopped (if it is a compressed tuber, use a mortar and pestle)

Put the tilapia in a bowl, marinate 1/2 teaspoon white sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon seasoning powder, 1 teaspoon cooking oil, 1 little fish sauce. Marinate the fish for 10 minutes.

Put the pan on the stove, fry the onions (compressed) until golden aroma, then put the fish in and fry for about 3 minutes.

Pour water into the pot just enough to eat and bring to a boil, then put the fish in and cook for about 10 minutes so that the fish comes out fresh, then season to taste and then drop the sour leaves of tamarind, chopped herbs, and then turn off the stove. Ladle the fish soup into a bowl, sprinkle with ground pepper.

The finished product of tilapia sour soup is cheap, sweet and cool, the sour taste of sour tamarind leaves is easy to eat.

Sour soup with tamarind and snakehead fish


– Sour leaves of the earth.

– Snakehead fish (fruit fish, catfish)

– Bean sprouts, cilantro, raw vegetables as you like.


Preliminarily clean fish, cut into pieces, marinate with onions, peppers, spices…

Sour tamarind leaves, preliminarily processed cilantro, washed peppers, cut into small pieces.

Put the pot on the stove, pour enough water to boil, then add the fish and cook until cooked, then drop in the sour leaves and cilantro.

Finished products: The soup pot is special because the water is very clear, ethereal, you can see each piece of smooth white, the bright green color of the leaves, the aroma of onions and cilantro. Take a spoonful to see the mild sweet and sour taste of sour tamarind leaves, the sweetness of fish, the aroma of cilantro, my spicy is delicious. Can cook several times a week, very good for people with bleeding gums, bloody urine …

The F0 need vitamin C, this wild plant is both a clean vegetable and can cook many delicious hot pot soups, quickly recovering - 2

Ingredients for cooking sour anchovy soup with leaves and tamarind leaves. Illustration.

Sour and tamarind soup cooked fresh anchovies

– Anchovies need to be washed, cut in half, stripped of bones and heads and thrown away. Wash the fish with salt water, drain the basket to quickly drain. When the anchovies are cooked, marinate onions, pepper, and fish sauce.

– When the pot of water is boiling, drop the anchovies in, continue to cook. When the smell of onions and pepper blends with sweet anchovy meat, drop the sour leaves of tamarind in it. So complete the bowl of anchovy soup cooked with sour and tamarind leaves in a cool, rustic land.

Tamarind and sour soup cooked with carp

The main ingredients of this dish are carp, bean sprouts, and cilantro seasoning.

Can cook soup several times a week, very good for people with phlegm cough, jaundice, yellow urine, fatigue, slow digestion, increased liver enzymes, urinary tract inflammation…

Tamarind and sour soup cooked with carp

In this dish, the main ingredients are still carp, sour leaves, bean sprouts cooked in sour soup. The cooking method is similar to cooking snakehead fish soup, but it is good for people with fever, sore throat, aches and pains, dry cough.

Tamarind and sour soup cooked with fish

The main ingredients are reishi, sourdough leaves, coriander, longan, bean sprouts, banana flowers. Spice. The cooking method is similar to that of snakehead fish sour soup with sour tamarind leaves. Can cook several times a week, very good for people with urethritis, difficulty urinating, edema, sharp urination, cloudy yellow urine at the end of the yard.

Tamarind and sour soup cooked with catfish

In addition to catfish, sourdough leaves need to be prepared along the mosquito net, bean sprouts, banana flowers, cilantro spices to cook soup. This dish treats dizziness, dizziness, lightheadedness, tinnitus, irritability, high blood pressure.

Tamarind and sour soup cooked with catfish

Raw materials of catfish, sour leaves of tamarind, bean sprouts, coriander, herbs and spices to cook sour soup are very good for the elderly, sick people who have just woken up, eat poorly, skinny people with constipation and dizziness…

The F0 need vitamin C, this wild plant is both a clean vegetable and can cook many delicious hot pot soups, quick to recover - 4

Crab soup cooked with sour leaves and tamarind. Illustration.

Sour and sour soup with crab and tamarind:


– Crab

– Sour leaves and tamarind

– Dried onions, fresh onions, coriander


Preliminary processing of field crabs, filter the crab juice, remove the residue.

Sliced ​​dry onion. Fresh onions, pickled coriander.

Put a few grains of salt in a pot of filtered crab water, put it on the stove and cook while stirring. When you see the crabs start to float, lower the heat, stop stirring so that the crab meat freezes and floats evenly. Let the crab soup boil for a while, then drop the sourdough leaves and onions, cut into pieces and put them right down. This dish is cool to eat, has a cooling effect, detoxifies the body, and enhances calcium.

Crab and meat hotpot cooked with sour tamarind leaves

In this dish, the ingredients are still crab and beef. Raw vegetables are served with bean sprouts, mixed vegetables, onions… The cooking method is similar to beef crab and crab hotpot, but instead of vinegar, using sour leaves and tamarind leaves the hot pot with a cool, sour taste that has the function of detoxifying, nourishing the blood. calcium fortification.

Sour soup with tamarind cooked with frogs

Sour and tamarind soup cooked with frog meat is good for children with heat rash, dry, itchy skin, red, urticaria, and other conditions related to low temperatures.

The main ingredient is frog meat. The vegetables are sorrel leaves, bean sprouts, coriander, tomatoes, pineapples, green onions, banana flowers, salted seasoning.

Tamarind and sour hot pot with chicken

Sour soup with tamarind leaves cooked with chicken requires tofu with lemongrass, chili, onions, fat, and cilantro. Can cook a few times a week … has the effect of cooling, nourishing the bones, benefiting the five organs. Very good for people with inner-trading psychics, hot-tempered people.

Sour and tamarind hot pot cooked with clams: This dish has clams, tofu, tomatoes, bitter vegetables, bean sprouts, spices, onions and cilantro, cooked in hot pot a few times a week. tired.

If there is no fresh fish to cook sour fish soup with sour tamarind leaves, replace it with dried shrimp, dried anchovies (people in the Central and South also cook with shrimp, basa, minced lean meat…). Sour soup with tamarind leaves is mildly acidic (not as sour as tamarind fruit, star fruit), combined with fish, crab, minced lean meat has a very typical rustic taste, with the spicy taste of chili, sweet and simple. .

In the midst of a busy life, those who want to relive the taste of their homeland should cook rustic, rich but delicious hometown soups with lots of rice and nostalgia.

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