The formidable force “Pseudo-Fire Dragon” will be officially revealed in Kingdom season 4 anime on FPT Play

The information that is left blank or contradictory between many historical documents is always a fertile ground for the genre of historical exploitation. Selling more than 87 million copies as of February 2022, the manga “Kingdom” has caused a fever throughout the comic forums thanks to its series of creative fictional episodes, even changing black and white but still sticking to it. historical developments.

The formidable force

Adapted from the above series, the anime series of the same name also resonates with increasing quality of animation and effects. At the beginning of this April, the latest season, ie season 4, will air and have content revolving around 3 extremely attractive events.

Set in the late Warring States period (500 BC – 221 BC), King Thien Ha recreates the military career of the famous Qin general (real) Ly Tin. The film takes viewers in the footsteps of him from a poor, orphaned boy to becoming a general to fight in the east and clear the north, helping Qin Vuong Doanh Chinh (Tan Thuy Hoang) fulfill his dream of reunifying the whole of China.

Thanh Kieu’s shocking treason case

Immediately after defeating the scheme of Hop Tung Lien Hoanh (linking small countries to attack big countries) “directed” by the strategist Ly Muc in season 3, the Qin state had to take care of the consequences of the war, as well as send troops to protect the country. border against invasion. However, the court continued to shake when it heard that Thanh Kieu, the younger half-brother of Doanh Chinh, raised an army to rebel for the second time.

According to historical records, because of his cowardice and dissatisfaction with his brother, when he led the army to quell the rebellion in Don Luu citadel, he immediately betrayed Qin Zhao, borrowed the hands of foreign soldiers to carry out a coup. causing the country to fall into a dangerous situation of internal and external enemies.

The formidable force

However, through the lens of author Hara Yasuhisa, Thanh Kieu in The Royal Family is depicted as an intelligent and understanding prince. After an unsuccessful dispute for the throne in the past with his brother, he decided to support the “unification” ideal that Doanh Chinh pursued, even helping the young Qin Vuong strengthen his influence in the capital. .

So what made him suddenly turn to treason? Season 4 will bring a fresh yet convincing perspective on this little-known historical story.

The fierce battle against Wei Guo

Some time after the rebellion of Thanh Kieu, Doanh Chinh continued to conduct a military campaign to expand the territory. As the gateway blocking the way to Trung Nguyen, the area of ​​Tru Ung of Wei quickly became a key point, the next target that Qin Quoc was forced to capture at all costs.

The formidable force

Here, Ly Tin and his friends Khuong Hoi, Ha Lieu Dieu, and Vuong Bi will encounter Wei Hoa Long for the first time, 3 famous generals whose strength and skill are comparable to Qin Luc Dai General or Trieu Tam Dai Thien. . Therefore, their appearance creates a very unpredictable situation and promises a thrilling life-and-death duel.

In parallel with developments on the battlefield, the siege of Tru Ung in season 4 of the anime King Thien Ha also depicts a tense battle between Qin and Wei factions. If First General of Wei Quoc Ngo Phung Khanh scored thanks to his flawless battle layout, Vuong Bi of Qin was also impressed by his diversionary strategy and 3 raids. Which side will win?

The Empress Dowager’s love affair caused shock

It seemed that Thanh Kieu’s rebellion had put an end to the period of internal turmoil in Qin Kingdom, but the capital was once again stirred up by the love affair of Empress Dowager Trieu Co, Doanh Chinh’s biological mother. In order to comfortably communicate with her lover Lao Ai, she blatantly established the country Ai right in the heart of the Qin Kingdom and forced her son to recognize it.

The formidable force

Not stopping there, because he was afraid that Qin Vuong would sooner or later find a way to destroy him, Trieu Co immediately decided to take action and prepare a coup plan. By forging jade seals, using money to bribe generals and allied with the unjust army, the Queen Mother plotted to capture the kingdom of Ham Duong, completely destroying the entire Qin royal family.

However, the story becomes more and more dramatic when the mutiny plotted by Thanh Kieu and Trieu Co did not happen by accident. From the dark, the real person behind pulling the strings has officially revealed themselves, showing their ambition to take the throne from Doanh Chinh.

Possessing an extremely unique plot, the long battle between the Seven Heroes in The King of Heaven season 4 is sure to satisfy the manga and anime fan community, as well as those who love history and the genre of royal dispute. rights similar to the TV blockbuster Game of Thrones.

The formidable force

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