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The garden is as beautiful as a fairy thanks to the skillful hands of the man

When having the opportunity to visit the garden named “Maria Garden” built by a young family of husband, wife and daughter together, everyone will understand that, as long as you really love life, you will appreciate nature. , wishing to enjoy the sweet beauty of each flower and blade of grass, will surely create many surprises together.

And it took them about 5 years from the beginning to “connect” with nature, creating a garden that anyone who comes here will comment that they are immersed in a maze of colors and fragrance, of the wonders of nature and life’s gifts.


Jun Ge loves his garden.

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The garden space was meticulously designed, decorated, planted with trees and flowers.

Beautiful, dreamy garden corners with flowers.

With great determination and endless passion, the owner of the garden, Mr. Jun Ge, has created a beautiful natural space like in a fairy tale. The weather in the place where they live is not very favorable, there are even days when the air is quite stuffy, the sun is hot and muggy. But the wonderful thing that everyone can admire is that the flowers he planted are in full bloom.

Previously, the garden was just a wasteland, where the top of the slope was barren. For Mr. Jun Ge, although everything stems from a “disadvantage”, he turns those disadvantages into advantages. The garden filled with green trees and fresh flowers has been his dream since childhood.

Here, he not only grows all kinds of flowers, diverse colors and fragrances, but also makes use of old furniture and scraps to create miniature corners to create a special impression for visitors to the garden.

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Jun Ge always goes to the garden with his camera because he is afraid that he will miss a beautiful moment of nature.

Now, when the garden is beautifully decorated, Mr. Jun Ge is very happy when every day, in addition to taking care of the bushes and flowers, finding interesting ideas to decorate the garden, he also spends time taking pictures. Photos of beautiful moments of the garden, chat with the guests who visit the house.

He always walks slowly in every small corner and takes beautiful pictures, capturing the wonderful moments that nature bestows. He always goes to the garden with a camera because he is afraid that he will miss a beautiful moment of nature.


The covered gardens are specially decorated by Mr. Jun Ge with eye-catching and outstanding souvenirs and statues, creating a personal beauty for each corner. In addition, in the garden, there is also a greenhouse for him to store plants and flowers that are not suitable for growing in winter.


The whole garden appears as beautiful as a fairy garden with wooden paths and flowers running along both sides of the road. The owner of the garden also makes use of old canned goods to create very pretty decorations.

One of the factors that make the garden very special are the paths. Mr. Jun Ge uses a wide variety of materials and is flexible in the design of each walkway in accordance with the terrain, flowers and decorative locations. There are steep walkways, wooden walkways, cobblestone walkways, paved walkways, straight walkways, meandering paths… All of these contribute to the charming and romantic beauty. for the beautiful garden, where everyone who sees it also wishes to once set foot here.

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