The liver is really intolerant of vitamin C, but abstaining from stir-frying the liver is a sin…

Warning quote: “Fry-fried pork liver with bean sprouts: Scientists analyzed 100g of pig liver and found that there is 2.5mg of copper and in bean sprouts there is a lot of vitamin C. If we stir-fry or eat pig liver with bean sprouts at the same time or in the same period of time. Close time together will cause vitamin C to be oxidized. As a result, the bean sprouts will become a residue that will no longer be nutritious.” (end of quote).

It also makes a lot of sense!

The body needs vitamin C to increase resistance, create enzymes, … Lack of vitamin C can lead to iron deficiency and most noticeable is swollen gums, bleeding gums. The daily requirement of vitamin C is about 75 – 90mg. Children need less, pregnant women need more.

Expert Vu The Thanh: Liver is a real cavalier of vitamin C, but abstaining from stir-frying liver is... guilty - Photo 1.

The body needs copper to create some special enzymes that support the function of the nervous system, create bones, support blood vessels, kill free radicals to protect the brain… The body needs copper but only in very small amounts. , the need is about 800 – 1,000 mcg/day (1mcg = 1 millionth of a gram). It is because the demand is so low that we rarely hear about the shortage of copper.

Most copper minerals are stored in the liver, so beef liver, pork liver, and foie gras are quite a source of trace copper. Many fruits and vegetables such as avocados, soybeans, chickpeas, and red beans all have copper, but less than from animal sources.

In short, copper and vitamin C are both necessary for the body, even together in a food, like bean sprouts (green) that have both copper and vitamin C.

Copper in the body is in the form of compounds, both homomeric (Cu2+) and homomeric (Cu3+). The homopolymer acts as a catalyst, converting ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to dehydroascorbic acid.

To put it simply, copper (Cu2+) is an oxidizing agent. Vitamin C has a reducing property. The reducing agent meets the oxidizing agent as if it ran out of sugar to do… eat.

Price has vitamin C, pork liver has copper. So warning, fried bean sprouts with pork liver, vitamin C will be oxidized, as a result, the price is only residue, which is too reasonable, nothing more!

Makes sense, but exaggerates

The first, In the price, there are not only vitamin C but also many other nutrients such as fiber, vitamins B1, B2,… especially B9 and other minerals, notably manganese, magnesium, iron, … and important. rather than phytochemicals are very beneficial for the prevention of many diseases. This is also the strength of vegetables.

Just because vitamin C has been suppressed, but thinking that the price is only a waste, it is not called exaggeration, what is it called?

Expert Vu The Thanh: Liver is a real cavalier of vitamin C, but abstaining from stir-frying liver is a crime - Photo 2.

Illustration: Just because vitamin C has been eliminated, it is an exaggeration to think that the price is only waste.

Second, prices are high in vitamin C. This is true. In 100g, there are about 12mg of vitamin C. In other words, eating 100g of bean sprouts meets 13 – 16% of vitamin C needs per day.

The price has vitamin C, but the price is not considered an abundant source of vitamin C for the body. Compared to other vegetables, the price is thousands of miles behind.

To quote some vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, also per 100g (according to data from the US Department of Agriculture):

Guava (228mg), kiwi fruit (93mg), broccoli (89mg), papaya (61mg), strawberry (59mg), orange (53mg), …

The daily requirement of vitamin C for adults is only about 75-90mg, eating about half a guava is more than double the need for vitamin C, not to mention other vegetables and fruits eaten during the day.

Tuesday, In fact, we rarely suffer from vitamin C deficiency, but often consume too much vitamin C compared to our needs, because the source of the vitamin is abundant in a variety of foods. But excess is okay, because vitamin C is water-soluble, does not accumulate in the body, if it is in excess, it will be excreted through the urine.

When the body is weakened, such as a cold, the body needs more vitamin C to have resistance. During the pandemic, people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are often given a package of medicine by the local health department that contains 1,000mg vitamin C, perhaps also because of its “resistance-boosting” effect. As for the effectiveness of the vitamin, no doctor dares to confirm it.

Many healthy people are also excited to take vitamin C effervescent tablets every day just to be sure. No benefit at all. Too much vitamin C in the body is also detrimental. Science recommends that you should not consume more than 2,000mg of vitamin C per day. Regularly eating too much, vitamin C will be converted into oxalate. This substance is very “predestined” with calcium, meeting in the urinary tract will precipitate, causing kidney stones (more on that in another post).

To limit the loss of vitamin C, when boiling vegetables, people should add little water. A lot of water, vitamin C will drop into the water as well. At that time, with heat, the oxygen dissolved in the water will oxidize vitamin C. There is no point in sipping boiled vegetable juice.

Bean sprouts are a product that sprouts from seeds, especially beans such as soybeans, green beans, red beans, and peas. Most things that sprout are rich in nutrients, allowing new life to grow (say most, with exceptions. Sprouted potatoes contain the toxins solanine and chaconine, which cause botulism).

The bean sprouts that we often eat with pho, pancakes, or pork liver stir-fry are sprouts from mung bean sprouts. This is also the most common price category.

In short, stir-fried bean sprouts with pork liver, adding a little chives is a delicious and catching dish. Listening to warnings from “keyboard scholars” and ignoring this thousand-year-old cuisine is indeed… sinful.

According to expert Vu The Thanh

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