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The rule of ‘add, take away’ helps to live healthier

The secret to a long life involves many factors, one of which has to do with food and diet.

To contribute to a healthy life, you should adhere to the following rules:

Chew more and eat less

The results of a 5-year study by Mr. Takayuki Yamaji – a cardiologist at Hiroshima University (Japan) – and his colleagues showed that 11.6% of people with a habit of fast eating had metabolic syndrome. , while with the group of people with normal eating rate is 6.5%. With slow eaters, this figure is only 2.3%.

Chewing more while eating will benefit the digestion of food, reduce the burden on the stomach, avoid obesity and relieve anxiety. In addition, slow chewing helps saliva secrete enough to make food pasty, making it easier for us to swallow.

Should follow a regular diet, three meals a day regularly. Each meal, you should only eat enough, the best time for each meal is about 30 minutes.

Add vinegar, reduce salt

Salt is necessary for the body to maintain stable functioning. However, a diet high in salt carries a high risk of serious health problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regularly consuming salty foods leads to 62% of strokes.

Many scientific studies have shown the harmful effects of salt to the body. Eating a lot of salt harms the heart and kidneys, damages the stomach lining, weakens bones and increases blood pressure. Therefore, in the diet, try to limit salt.

Meanwhile, vinegar is proven to be healthy if used in moderation. Studies show that vinegar helps fight infections, regulate blood pressure, antioxidant, helps absorb calcium… Vinegar can be added when cooking properly, thereby helping to promote the digestion of food. , and at the same time facilitate the absorption of calcium in the feed more efficiently.

Increase intake of beans or bean products and nuts, reduce meat consumption for better health.  Illustration: Aboluowang.

Increase intake of beans or bean products and nuts, reduce meat consumption for better health. Illustration: Aboluowang.

Add beans, reduce meat

The daily intake of lean meat per adult should be less than 75 grams. Highly physically active workers can increase the amount accordingly. Women, middle-aged and elderly people, and hard-working people should consume more fish and skinless poultry. People with cardiovascular risk, high blood pressure, obesity should eat less meat and eat more soy products, for example tofu, soy milk… Tofu is a source of calcium, magnesium, Phosphorus, B vitamins, iron, manganese, have the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease, reducing cancer, improving kidney function…

Exercise more, take less medicine

Arbitrary use of drugs without the advice of a doctor always brings more harm than good. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the spontaneous use of drugs or increase or decrease the dosage indiscriminately. Avoid the abuse of tonics, antibiotics… without a doctor’s prescription.

To reduce the amount of drugs entering the body, you need to strengthen your health. That means you should exercise regularly, suitable for health. You should exercise at a moderate level for about half an hour a day, such as going to the gym, swimming, jogging… These activities can help improve blood circulation, enhance the function of the heart and lungs. , reduce the risk of disease.

Walk more, ride less

The modern industrial wheel makes people lazy to move, every step is to get on the car and get off the car. According to scientists, to maintain a healthy body, should reduce riding, increase walking.

Research by a group of scientists from McMaster University in Ontario (Canada) shows that walking helps slow aging, regulate blood pressure, prevent diabetes, strengthen the immune system… Even scientists Research from Stanford University (USA) says that a person’s creativity increases when walking regularly, just for a short time.

Volunteer more and less desire

If conditions permit, you can spend your time, financially… helping others, for example participating in public welfare activities to help support those in difficult circumstances. This not only brings joy to others, but also helps you to relax mentally and remove your own troubles. A 1999 study found that people who enjoy volunteering have a 63% lower mortality rate than non-volunteers. Research (2013) from Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over the age of 50 who volunteer were less likely to have high blood pressure than a group who didn’t.

Smile more and worry less

Researchers have shown that laughing for about 15 minutes can help burn calories in the body, improve lung capacity and maintain heart health.

To live a happy and healthy life, try to release negative emotions through traveling, reading, playing outdoor sports…

Act more, talk less

Talking less, doing more instead of talking more, doing less is a way for you to have a more positive life. Don’t just plan for what’s going to happen, start doing it. It is important to get rid of bad habits in life and form good ones.

Thuy Linh (According to Aboluowang)

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