The truth about the “cursed” swords in One Piece

World One Piece always contains many different mysteries that are interesting to discover, from the legend of a mysterious island to the power of an unknown character.

This series has always tried to offer a lot for fans to say about it. Here, let’s learn about cursed swords in One Piece Please!

1. Sandai Kitetsu is said to be a cursed sword

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Just looking at Sandai Kitetsu, Zoro immediately understood that the sword was a cursed sword. Ippon-Matsu even told Zoro about all the bad luck the previous owners of Sandai Kitetsu had gone through.

Of course Zoro ignored these words and wanted to own it. He even tested his fate by throwing it in the air.

2. The truth about the cursed sword in One Piece

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Sandai Kitetsu’s situation has fans suspecting that there is indeed a cursed sword in One Piece. A sword that can bring bad luck to its owner.

There is even a rumor that one day Sandai Kitetsu will bring bad luck to Zoro. There’s even a theory that the reason why Zoro gets lost so often is because of Sandai Kitetsu! But what about the truth?

One Piece chapter 1033 gave us an overview of One Piece’s cursed sword.

Shimotsuki Kozaburo – the creator of the sword Enma says that a sword is labeled “cursed”, which is actually a sign of great quality. When the weak fear the sword and call it the cursed sword, it is a special honor for the sword.

Earning is supposed to be scary, because earning is made to hurt. Kozaburo also states that each sword has a personality, and that a swordsman must master the sword for the sword to obey.

3. Those who are unlucky by Sandai Kitetsu may simply be unable to control the sword

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Enma was originally Kozuki Oden’s sword, but now it is in the possession of Zoro. Zoro had a hard time using the sword’s power. During the fight against the King, Zoro also had problems with Enma. But sAfter recalling Kozaburo’s words in the past, and also remembering Ippon Matsu’s words that the sword chooses the user, Roronoa Zoro realized that the Enma sword was testing him.

Fortunately, after he allowed Enma to fully unleash his Haki, Zoro seemed to be able to use the sword better.

Kozaburo’s words, as well as Zoro’s struggle to control Enma seem to indicate that there are swords too strong for weak users.

Therefore, it is possible that the people who had bad luck after wielding the Sandai Kitetsu were the ones who were unable to “conquer” the sword. And you know, Zoro has never had a problem with Sandai Kitetsu, it is possible that he conquered the sword a long time ago.

4. Kikoku – Law’s sword is also said to be cursed but Law has no problem using it

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One of the swords outside the Kitetsu lineage that is also said to be cursed is the Kikoku. What’s interesting is that Oda himself said that Kikoku is a cursed sword in episode 71 of SBS.

Kikoku is Law’s sword but So far Law doesn’t seem to show any problems with his sword. He even used it very well, glike Zoro mastering Sandai Kitetsu.

5. The real cursed sword in One Piece is the Shichiseiken, but it’s not a canon

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There is a real cursed sword in One Piece, which is the Shichiseiken sword from the movie One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword. When using the Shichiseiken, Saga becomes more callous and brutal. But after being freed from this sword, he returned to his true self.

However, the sword Shichiseiken and Saga do not appear in the official One Piece story.

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