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Three factors make young people ‘crave and quickly get bored’ of their careers

Young people often “jump” jobs, lack of consistency with their careers because they have not found the answers to three internal questions: what they want to do, how motivated and how happy they are.

In episode 8 UniPrep, Mr. Le Dinh Hieu – CEO of GAP Academy, alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles – USA (UCLA) said that the problem of young personnel who do not persist in working in an enterprise is very common due to being affected. by friends, information from social networks, the press…

Ms. Thanh Nguyen – CEO & Inspiring Happiness, Anphabe Company also analyzed that, due to access to many sources of information, young people have difficulty in determining what they should focus on, leading to the situation “Easy come, easy go”. On the other hand, the information problem can also cause the illusion of “quick success” in young people.

Ms. Thanh Nguyen - Managing Director & Inspiring Happiness, Anphabe Company.  Photo: Character provided

Ms. Thanh Nguyen – Managing Director & Inspiring Happiness, Anphabe Company. Image: Characters provided

Although external factors affect the final decision, if there is a solid internal basis, students can make the most suitable choice. CEO of GAP Academy said that students need to add three words “self” (roughly translated: intrinsic).

The first is “self awareness”. According to him, young people today lack self-understanding. 12 years of high school, students follow the school’s achievements, the direction of their parents. Therefore, when you go to university, you don’t understand yourself and start following the trends of the outside society; Only care about what works will make a lot of money or what is successful quickly.

“You forget to understand yourself. Meanwhile, only when you understand yourself, you will know what you should do”, he affirmed.

From there, students can lead to the second “self” word, “self-motivation”, which means self-motivation. Many workers jump jobs continuously due to Fomo (Fear of missing out). Besides, many of you quickly feel that you know this issue well enough because you don’t have enough motivation to dig deeper.

The male speaker shared that the successful people he comes into contact with, especially on the Forbes Under30 list, when they fail at something, they can create enough motivation for themselves and overcome.

“The temptation is outside, but if you have enough motivation, you can still pursue your dream to the end,” he emphasized.

Mr. Le Dinh Hieu - CEO of GAP Academy Photo: Provided by Characters

Mr. Le Dinh Hieu – CEO of GAP Academy Photo: Characters provided

Ms. Thanh added, during the learning process, students may be shaken and confused about their choices. However, if you persist for a long enough time, you can learn more about that issue, building a foundation thick and deep enough for knowledge to become a part of you. After that, if you want to change, you can completely switch to another field by studying dual degrees or small certificates to hone your skills.

“At least, with the current trend of multitasking, if you have enough knowledge in many areas, you can apply a lot in your work,” she added.

Finally, Mr. Hieu emphasized “self-happiness”, that is, you have to find your own happiness in life. This is determined by oneself, from within each person. Employees need to feel happy with what they have, achieved, challenged and the journey they are on.

“Those are the things that keep your enthusiasm burning when pursuing your passion. This ‘self’ means that every day on the chosen path, you always know how to be happy with what you have achieved to have a positive way of life. more extreme,” he asserted.

Sharing his own real story, a UCLA alumnus recounted that when he quit his job in a multinational company with a high salary, many people felt that he was “crazy” or felt “guilty” for his decision. this difficulty. However, as a person who likes to share and create practical values ​​for everyone, he is happy with social enterprises, educating the community, serving such special subjects.

Ms. Thanh added, people often judge failure based on superficial perception such as not getting refund, not being promoted… However, for sustainable success, young people need to measure the results. with the values ​​created from the activities and projects that have been done to everyone and associate it with your passion.

“Every person’s yardstick is different. The ability to come up with your own measure of success and happiness. You can overcome failure but still see the lesson, the happiness to continue to do better.” she emphasized.

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