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What is Zhuge Liang’s most dangerous weapon?

Zhuge Liang Not only is he famous for his amazing math skills, but he’s also capable of “psychological warfare” better than humans. Along with a sharp argument, words with the power of thousands of swords are considered the most powerful and dangerous weapons of the world. Zhuge Liangmaking him one of the most beloved characters in Luo Guanzhong’s novel The Three Kingdoms.

Regarding the ability to argue, in China’s Three KingdomsZhuge Liang’s tongue once decided to take the place of the cauldron in the Three Kingdoms period, once alone fought with the famous Confucian scholars in Jiang Dong, but could stand tall and indomitable, and once again said “I just lost my wife again. lose the army” makes Chu Du angry…

The Three Kingdoms Performs Meaning: The Truth About Zhuge Liang's Most Dangerous Weapon - Photo 1.

Zhuge Liang was an outstanding politician and military man of China during the Three Kingdoms period.

Although Zhu Du was not directly scolded by Zhuge Liang, just one sentence “The miracle of Chu Du’s peace in the world, losing his wife and losing the army” made Chu Du humiliated, just thinking about it did not want to live. , angry, shouted: “Heaven gave birth to Du, why still gave birth to Luong” and then passed away.

Zhuge Liang also used his tongue like a spring to borrow Kinh Chau but not return it, moreover just a short conversation caused Tu Tu Vuong Lang to fall from his horse and die.

Regarding the scolding of Tu Tu Vuong Lang, at the 93rd chapter of the Three Kingdoms, the description of the Emperor Cao Due, when Zhuge Liang sent his army to punish the North (bring an army to fight Wei), Wang Lang reappeared as an army. As a mentor to Admiral Cao Chan and Vice Admiral Quach Hoai, Wang Lang was confident that he could lure Zhuge Liang to leave Han and return to Wei.

The Three Kingdoms Performs Meaning: The truth about Zhuge Liang's most dangerous weapon - Photo 2.

The greeting between Zhuge Liang and Tu Tu Vuong Lang in front of the armies of both sides (Photo from the movie Three Kingdoms, 1994).

When the two sides deployed troops, Vuong Lang ordered Zhuge Liang to come out before the battle to talk. Vuong Lang wants to use 3 inches of tongue to teach life and sell Zhuge Liang. After listening to Wang Lang finished, Zhuge Liang waved his fan and replied firmly:

“I thought he was an old god of the Han Dynasty. What did he offer in front of the three soldiers and generals. Unexpectedly, he dared to breathe out such vulgar and foul words. I have a few words for you to listen to:

In the past, under the reign of Hoan De and Linh De, the pillars of the Han Dynasty were confused, the eunuchs caused disaster, the robbers raged, and the four directions were in chaos. Next, Dong Trac, Quach Dinh, and Ly Thoi took the opportunity to rise up to bully the Son of Heaven, harming living beings.

Therefore, at the Court’s place of rotten wood as mandarins, where the palace was forbidden to take animals to eat, a group of wolves took power, so the commune turned into a mound, and hundreds of good people suffered. During that national crisis, what did the official Vuong Lang do?

What’s strange about the behavior of our King Tu Tu? He was born along the East Sea, taking the name of Hieu Liem and stepping up to the official position. As a servant of the Han Dynasty, he should have contributed to the peace of the people, restoring orthodoxy, and rebuilding the Liu surname. But no, he joined the bandits, conspired to usurp the throne, crimes piled up, heaven and earth were not tolerated.”

Vuong Lang choked on his words: “You dare, Zhuge Liang village man…”.

Zhuge Liang saw that his psychological warfare strategy had indeed worked as expected, so he added:

“Shut up now! Shameless old enemy. You don’t know that people from all over the four realms are trying to rip your body and tear your liver, why are you still dancing. Chieu Liet, my emperor, established Dai Thuc in Tay Xuyen. Now I obey the decree. A cowardly, flatterer like you is like a turtle crouching down and begging for a bowl of leftover rice and old clothes, so how dare you go out in front of the army and speak blasphemously, blaming the heavens.

The silver-headed seven-man, the old white-bearded enemy. Today, under the golden stream, you still have the face to see the 24 emperors of our Han Dynasty. Disgraceful bandit, you have lived 76 years in vain, talking about Shun and Yao and selling yourself to Cao Cao. You don’t know your identity as a falcon, but you go out in front of the army and talk wildly. I have never seen anyone as thick-skinned and shameless as you!”

At this point, Wang Lang was angry, howled, and fell suddenly dead at the horse’s feet. All three troops were shocked, Wei general Cao Chan was shocked, and Zhuge Liang sat down with a gentle smile and waved his hand to look at the results.

Three Kingdoms Expression said that when Zhuge Liang scolded him to death, Wang Lang was 76 years old.

The Three Kingdoms Expression: The truth about Zhuge Liang's most dangerous weapon - Photo 4.

Tu Tu Vuong Lang could not stand Zhuge Liang’s insults and died in anger. (Photos from the movie Three Kingdoms Act 1994).

However, in fact, the exchange between Wang Lang and Zhuge Liang occurred during the reign of Emperor Cao Phi (220-226) and was done by correspondence. The two did not meet on the battlefield. The matter stopped there and Wang Lang did not die because of Zhuge Liang’s reply.

Specifically, in 220, Cao Cao died, his son Cao Phi robbed the Han Dynasty to establish the Wei Dynasty, Cao Phi proclaimed himself as Emperor Wei. Cao Phi sent Vuong Lang along with famous celebrities Hoa Ham, Tran Quan, Hua Chi to write a letter to Zhuge Liang, advising Zhuge Liang to understand the times, Han’s fortunes had declined, so he left Han to Wei.

Zhuge Liang received the letter, publicly replied, affirming that his stance remained unchanged and unwavering; On the contrary, he also expressed regret for the old god Vuong Lang who followed the Cao supporters.

Emperor Wei used Wang Lang to take the position of Tu Voi. In 226, Emperor Wei passed away, and Emperor Wei Ming ascended the throne. Vuong Lang was replaced by Hoa Ham as Tu Tu, General of the Cao Wei dynasty.

In 228, during the reign of Emperor Wei Ming, Wang Lang died, his age is unknown. He was posthumously named the Marquis. Wang Lang worked from the Han Xian Emperor to the Wei Ming Emperor for a total of nearly 40 years.

Video: Zhuge Liang scolded Tu Tu Vuong Lang to death in front of three troops.

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