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What item did Princess Diana wear back in the day, now it’s in fashion

Diana Princess is a well-dressed symbol of the British Royal Family in particular, and the world fashion village in general. Princess Diana always exudes elegance and splendor when wearing aristocratic outfits, or overwhelming glittering evening gowns. But besides that, Princess Diana also wears very beautiful everyday clothes, always exuding elegance and sophistication. What surprises people the most when looking at Princess Diana’s outfits is that her favorite items are at the top. trend at the present time, even though decades have passed. This shows that the title of Princess Diana’s fashion monument can never be “crushed”.

Stand up jeans

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Stand-up jeans were worn by Princess Diana with a dense frequency. This model of jeans is loved by the legendary fashion icon thanks to its youthful and liberal advantages, but still exudes an elegant and elegant look. With jeansPrincess Diana transformed in many different styles. Sometimes it looks very personal with a combo of jeans + t-shirt, sometimes it is gentle and delicate with a pair of jeans combined with a shirt. The most “goosebumps” thing here is that at the moment, straight-leg jeans are taking over the throne of skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans to become the hottest denim model.

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Pastel color shirt

This year, pastel colored shirts are also very hot because of their freshness and youth. However, more than two decades ago, this style of shirt was promoted by Princess Diana. Her favorite is the pastel blue and pink shirt. These are sweet models, but still ensure Princess Diana the elegance required of a Royal woman. And because the pastel shirt is already quite eye-catching, Princess Diana often combines the model with black jeans, blue jeans to ensure harmony.

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Casual pants with a middle seam

The 2022 version of casual pants will always have the appearance of a midline. This detail is thought to be “innocuous”, but has the effect of hacking the shape and improving the look of the wearer.

Casual pants with a middle seam were also worn by Princess Diana during her lifetime. This model of pants is elegant and sophisticated enough for a Royal woman to choose to wear, but it doesn’t feel stiff or “dumb” at all. If you want to build a trendy wardrobe with time, you should learn from Princess Diana and add a pair of casual pants with a middle seam.

Pleated skirt

Women are no stranger to pleated skirts – an outstanding, fresh and very elegant item. But few people know that, many years ago, the pleated skirt was worn by Princess Diana again and again. Princess Diana has brought the gentle pleated skirts, soaring to a new level. She wears this item in a very luxurious way such as combining it with a white shirt, floral blouse, blazer…

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