Women are happy or miserable, just glance at 3 details

In communication, external image has a key role. We often say that the appearance before the age of 30 is given by your parents, and the appearance after the age of 30 is earned by you.

A lot of unknown stories can be seen from one’s appearance, women do good business or not, you don’t have to listen to what she says, just look at 3 details about her that you can know.

One: da

To describe a girl from a rich background, from a rich background, there is a word called “white beauty”, “white” is the first, ie a woman’s skin. Skin is the second face of a woman, it has an important influence on the overall image and temperament.

From the condition of a woman’s skin, you can see how well this woman is living. Fragile skin can break down from wind and wind and become sebaceous, all of which require a lot of time and money to maintain.

Skin maintained by premium, natural skincare products looks like fine porcelain, appealing at first glance.

Women are happy or miserable, just glance at 3 details-1

In addition, if you want to have beautiful skin, money alone is not enough, enough sleep, reasonable exercise and healthy living habits will all affect skin condition.

Women who live comfortably often have beautiful skin. Because they have work and rest often, rarely stay up late, spend time taking care of their skin, so their skin may not be very white, but it must be well taken care of.

Unsatisfactory women in life, they often have a dull and dark skin, because they spend most of their time just worrying about life and have no energy to take care of their skin. his skin.

People with poor skin condition, even if makeup is effective, is much worse than people with good skin condition. Cosmetics may hide your skin, but not your embarrassing life.

Two: hair

In the Vietnamese mind, a woman’s hair often carries a special symbolic meaning.

Poets are always willing to use the most beautiful words to describe a woman’s hair. And hair is the most fragile thing and requires a lot of effort to maintain. Time, money, energy and perseverance in the long run are indispensable.

Some women do not care much about their hair, you will find your hair is frizzy, uneven, leaving traces after many times of bleaching and dyeing, and mixed with the original hair color of new hair, the whole hair looks as if a colorful palette.

Women are happy or miserable, just glance at 3 details-2

For such a woman, her life will not be very favorable, because she does not have time to take good care of her hair.

There are also women with dry and dull hair, dry, broken, yellow and split ends, these women often live hard, exhausted, do not get proper rest, natural hair lacks shine.

For pampered women, their hair looks like it’s been well-groomed, the right length, the color is even, and some styling is home-made and often in-home care. barbershop on a regular basis.

Having the time and energy to keep your hair perfect is what we often call beautiful hair. Such women, their lives are often very comfortable.

Three: clothes

There is a saying: dress well first respect yourself and then respect others.

Clothing is not only an expression of personal taste, but also a symbol of status. When female stars walk on the red carpet, they wear high-end branded items to show their status.

Through women’s clothing style and clothing taste, you can see their living environment and living conditions.

Women are happy or miserable, just glance at 3 details-3

Women who live well don’t necessarily have a lot of clothes, but every outfit must be delicate. Wear clothes for the right occasion, the fabric is flat, there are no wrinkles, looks liberal, decent.

For some women, there may be only one or two high-class clothes, every important occasion you see her wearing the same clothes. Daily wear is also quite ordinary, just for convenience, the fabric is not special and the style can be outdated. For them, clothes only play the most basic role of keeping the body warm, not having time to pay attention to aesthetics and beauty.

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