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10 body traits that reveal a man’s intelligence

According to science, there are many physical characteristics of a person that can affect how intelligent they are.

Ears lack symmetry

A study published in Sciencedirect, in 2012, showed that people with poor body proportions: large one earlobe, small one side, long finger and short side are better leaders and less self-interested.

Illustration: Depositphotos.com

Illustration: Depositphotos.com


A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland has found a correlation between genes related to height and those related to intelligence.

In a magazine article Behavior Geneticsthe team said they studied the DNA of 6,815 people and found that intelligent people are generally higher.

The Scottish Family Health Institute study also demonstrated a correlation between IQ and height.

Of course, researchers don’t think that all short people are less intelligent or that intelligent people are tall.

Pointed chin

A study by Czech scientists has shown that it is possible to estimate a man’s intelligence level just by looking at facial features. However, the study also said that it is not possible to assess a woman’s intelligence by this way.

According to the researchers, long face, large distance between eyes, pointed chin, larger nose, slightly smiling lips are the characteristics of intelligent men.

Illustration: Depositphotos.com

Illustration: Depositphotos.com

Body hair

Dr Aikarakudy Alias’s study looked at the relationship between education level and the amount of body hair. The results showed that men with thicker body hair had higher IQs. Thick-haired people study better.

A study involving American medical students showed that nearly half of male medical trainees in the country are quite hairy.

Left handed

In a study published in the journal Frontiers involving more than 2,300 students aged 6-17, it was found that left-handed students outperformed right-handed students in complex math problems. .

Research conducted by Giovanni Sala, an assistant professor at the Institute of Holistic Health Sciences at Fujita Medical University in Japan, shows that left-handed people often have a corpus callosum – a bundle of nerve fibers. connecting the two hemispheres of the brain) is larger. A stronger connection between the two hemispheres results in stronger spatial possibilities. “This ability is closely linked to mathematics because mathematics is often conceptualized in space,” explains Sala.

Another study in the journal Brain in 2019 found that there are genetic differences between left- and right-handed people. Examining data on about 400,000 people, scientists found that left-handed people naturally have two hemispheres of the brain that can coordinate more smoothly in areas related to language. These characteristics make it possible for left-handed people to have superior speaking skills. In addition, left-handed people can develop complex problem-solving abilities, due to the way their left hand becomes their dominant hand.

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