2521 with a bad ending is still nothing compared to these legendary movies

Before “Twenty Five, Twenty One” the audience had to “go crazy” many times because the scriptwriter’s ending “oh my god” ruined a good movie.

1. High Kick 2 – Family is Number One Part 2

Up to now, there is still no set movie Which has a “bad” ending? High Kick 2. This is a funny, hilarious sitcom that makes the audience laugh from start to finish. But all was completely blown away by the screenwriter’s infamous “turning the car”.

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In the last episode, Shin Se Kyung and Choi Daniel’s characters died unexpectedly in a car accident after Shin Se Kyung said, “I wish time would stop.” A somewhat “sloppy”, unreasonable ending in a comedy has really made the audience mad.

2. Lovers in Paris – Paris Love Story

This movie has immersed viewers in the fairy-tale love story, the prince – cinderella of the cool, talented businessman Han Ki Joo (Park Shin Yang) and the clumsy, energetic maid Kang Tae Young (Kim Jung Eun). Both have overcome many ups and downs and just want to be happy together.

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However, in the end the movie ended in a way no one expected. All those beautiful love stories are just scripts that the heroine imagined because she dreamed of becoming a screenwriter.

Writer Kim Eun Sook herself later said that she regrets the ending of this drama.

3. Penthouse – High-class War

Penthouse is considered to be the craziest movie in Korean film history with power struggles, adultery, revenge and episodes where the characters continuously die and come back to life in a spectacular way.

After uncompromising fights and struggles, in the final episodes of the third season, the writer sent all the main characters to another world to “fight” again.

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Oh Yoon Hee, Ju Dan Tae, Ha Yun Cheol passed away in the middle and near the end of the drama and the last episode, the remaining 3 people, Cheon Seo Jin, Shim Su Ryeon, Logan Lee also said their goodbyes to this world.

The film brings a message that whether living evil or living good, all will eventually have to meet in another world.

4. Fashion King – Fashion King

The film gathers a series of cult stars such as Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon … which is considered to have a super bullshit ending.

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A fashion film with a troubled love triangle, the female lead is confused, making the audience bored. In the last episode, when Yoo Ah In was soaking in a hotel bath, he called Shin Se Kyung and confessed his feelings.

After confiding, “duh”, a gun shot rang out and the male lead left in the surprise and shock of all the audience.

5. The Last Empress – The Last Empress

As an attractive royal battle drama that was once loved, but the final episodes of the series caused great outrage.

Specifically, because actor Choi Jin Hyuk had a schedule overlap, in the end his bodyguard character Na Wang Sik had to die in a super random way due to a bomb explosion.

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The main role of King Lee Hyuk played by Shin Sung Rok was also murdered by his own biological mother. The empress dowager was later imprisoned and went insane.

This is considered a cruel ending and does not make the audience feel satisfied.

6. Cheese In The Trap – Love Trap

From a highly anticipated project, Cheese In The Trap in the end it became a film full of marketing and received all kinds of criticism.

In the final stages of the drama, the male lead played by Park Hae Jin was cut off all the cutscenes and let the second male take the throne. The last episode also caused great dissatisfaction when both boys abandoned the female lead, no one was related to anyone anymore.

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The female lead sent an email to the male lead but he just watched it without replying, and the two just passed each other when they accidentally met on the street.

7. What Happened in Bali – What Happened in Bali

This is one of the series movie Han classic when gathering many stars are Ha Ji Won, Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub. The film is about an extremely attractive love triangle.

However, in the end What Happened in Bali It’s frustrating when the main cast is all dead. Because of the indecision in his love, Lee Soo Jung (Ha Ji Won) misunderstands the young master Jung Jae Min (Jo In Sung), then he decides to send both lover and enemy on the road.

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But in the end, he also realized that the person Soo Jung loved was himself, so tormented and painful that he also went to another world with the two of them. This is an extreme ending and ruins a classic.

8. Iris – Codename Iris

Korean blockbuster for a while Iris has an ending that is both ambiguous and depressing. Questions related to the secret organization Iris are not answered and the male lead is assassinated on the way to propose to the female lead. Even the main actor of the film, Kim Tae Hee, did not understand the ending for this movie.

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9. Rooftop Prince – Rooftop Princei

This is also a funny movie but ends in tragedy. Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) has traveled from the past to the present to be able to meet and marry his destined lover Park Ha (Han Ji Min).

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But right on the wedding day, Lee Gak returned to the Joseon era and left Park Ha to suffer. The cruelty of the ending of this film has taken away a lot of tears from the audience and caused obsession.

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