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5 taboos when eating yogurt lest you get sick

Yogurt is a popular drink, many people like to drink it and its benefits are many.

Yogurt is probably one of the popular drinks in daily life, both adults and children love the sweet and sour taste of yogurt. yogurt. Generally, we eat yogurt as a snack, and sometimes we drink some with breakfast.

However, there are 5 taboos when drinking yogurt, absolutely do not commit.

Drinking yogurt is not suitable for all ages

Yogurt is a relatively strong digestive aid, which means it can help with our bowel movements, which works great for people with constipation, but it’s not entirely true for the elderly. and children.

Because the stomach of the elderly and children is relatively weak, after eating yogurt may have diarrhea, so the elderly and children need to be careful.

In addition, yogurt contains sugar, the sugar content is not low, so patients with diabetes, cholecystitis and other diseases should not eat yogurt to avoid some effects on the condition.

Although very good, there are 5 taboos when eating yogurt lest you get sick-1

Can’t heat up

If the yogurt is kept in the refrigerator too cold or even frozen, you should not reheat it because this will destroy the nutrients in the yogurt.

If you want to reduce the coldness of your yogurt, it’s best to leave the yogurt out at room temperature and wait for 10 minutes for it to cool.

Do not eat when frozen

Many people have the habit of buying yogurt to put on the freezer to freeze into ice before eating.

This is the wrong way to eat it, because such frozen yogurt will cause some beneficial bacteria to die due to the extreme cold. Eating like this will not bring health benefits.

Although very good, there are 5 taboos when eating yogurt lest you get sick-2

Don’t eat on an empty stomach

When your stomach rumbles with hunger, it is best not to take yogurt to fight hunger, because when the stomach is empty, the acidity in the stomach is large.

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt are easily killed by stomach acid, and the health-protective effects of yogurt will be greatly reduced.

Yogurt too thick is not good for health

Many consumers think that the thicker the yogurt, the better, but in reality, many types of yogurt are simply thickened with various thickeners, such as hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, pectin, and gelatin.

Although these substances do not affect the taste of yogurt, they are not good for the body.

Therefore, yogurt that is not thick just a little bit thick is the “extreme food” you should choose.

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