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6 parts become ugly

Wine and beer are drinks that affect many aspects of life. Most people often choose to drink beer and wine during social events, celebratory parties or after a long stressful day at work. However, drinking alcohol and beer in moderation and responsibly is the most important thing.

Alcoholics often think they have no problem because they never admit to being an alcoholic. But, drinking a lot of beer and alcohol really has bad effects on your health, even very serious, even if you are not addicted to beer or alcohol.

There are 6 noticeable signs on the skin and body of people who drink a lot of beer and alcohol – and this is the time we need to consider cutting back to avoid unintended consequences. health can happen.

The body 'falls down' after drinking too much alcohol: 6 parts become ugly - 1

Signs of heavy drinkers can be seen in their skin and physique.

1. Wrinkled skin

Alcohol and beer cause diuretics, causing the body to lose water. This affects the skin, causing it to become dry, saggy and wrinkled.

No matter how well you take care of your skin, if you drink a lot of alcohol, your skin will soon wrinkle and sag.

Although aging is an inevitable natural process, consuming too much alcohol will damage your skin and make you look older due to the way your body detoxifies alcohol – by turning toxins into the body. nutrition to the liver instead of the skin.

In addition, excessive alcohol consumption also affects the skin by disrupting sleep, causing sleep deprivation and reducing sleep quality.

The body 'falls down' after drinking too much alcohol: 6 parts become ugly - 2

2. Dry hair, brittle nails, easy to break

As mentioned above, beer and alcohol dehydrate the body. This is the cause of brittle and cracked nails, if drinking a lot of alcohol and beer for a long time leads to dry hair and loss.

In addition, the lack of hydration in the body due to drinking a lot of beer and alcohol also makes the hair follicles not receive enough nutrients, causing hair damage – reduced elasticity, easy breakage, a lot of loss.

3. Red face

Alcohol is an inflammatory substance, which can irritate all parts of the body, especially on the face – causing a condition called rosacea, which causes redness on the cheeks.

Alcohol can also cause acne-like bumps and, for people with dark skin, may present as flushing or hot flashes.

4. Beer belly

The body 'falls down' after drinking too much alcohol: 6 parts become ugly - 3

Drinking too much alcohol will make your stomach often bloated. In addition, the amount of calories in alcohol is also very large, consuming a lot can easily cause excess fat accumulation to increase the size of the bust.

This is because alcohol increases estrogen production and decreases testosterone, which binds to fat and then grows around the body, especially the breasts.

According to experts, this type of fat is difficult to get rid of with exercise and they only really decrease when you change the level of alcohol and beer consumption less.

5. Stained teeth

The acid in alcohol destroys tooth enamel, making teeth more susceptible to yellowing. Even if you brush your teeth every night after drinking beer or wine, stains will form.

And over time, this can cause teeth to become duller and even cause oral problems like gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and oral cancer.

6. Yellow skin

This is a warning sign of a more serious health problem, a “red flag” sign of liver disease or liver damage.

This happens when the liver is no longer able to filter the orange-yellow pigment in the blood. The result is more yellow-looking skin, most noticeable on the whites of the eyes.

Experts warn that lifestyle changes can treat liver disease at an early age, otherwise a liver transplant is needed.

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