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7 extremely dirty parts of a pig but many people love it

Pork liver

Although it contains many nutrients that are good for the body, pig liver is also high in cholesterol and heavy metals. Adults only need 300mg of cholesterol per day, but 100g of pig liver contains 400mg of cholesterol.

In addition, the liver is the part responsible for detoxifying the body, so it accumulates many toxins and bacteria inside. Eating a lot of liver is not good for health, in the long run can increase the risk of cancer. If you eat pork liver more than 2-3 times a week, it can lead to overweight, obesity, and heart damage.

7 extremely dirty parts of a pig but many people love it - Photo 1.

Pork liver of unknown origin or coming from non-quarantine slaughter places can pose a potential risk of food insecurity and harm to consumers. When choosing to buy pork liver, press the liver with your hand to check its elasticity, smooth surface, and bright color. Adults should only eat 50-70g of liver/meal, while children should only eat 30-50g/meal.

Pig blood

Pig blood contains a lot of iron and is considered a blood-tonic food, but it is extremely harmful to people who have a habit of eating pig blood soup. Live secretions can contain streptococci, which can cause many dangerous diseases if they enter the body. If you eat the blood of sick or dead pigs, the risk of poisoning and infection is higher.

Old heart

The old intestine is delicious and can be processed into many dishes such as boiled, fried, grilled… However, the intestine is a part of the pig’s internal organs, contains high fat content, long-term eating will cause increased blood fat.

In addition, the intestine is the place where food residues are stored after being digested, so there are many live microorganisms, bacteria, and parasites that cause disease… Improper processing or ingestion of sick pigs will adversely affect to your health.

No matter how clean the old heart is, it is still an internal organ, containing a lot of bad cholesterol. Even after cleaning, you should not eat too much to avoid harming the body.

Pig brains

Pork brain is soft and sweet, contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue, improving insomnia, anemia, neurasthenia …

7 extremely dirty parts of a pig but many people love it - Photo 2.

However, this part of the pig contains high levels of cholesterol. A pig brain weighing about 100g contains about 3000 mg of cholesterol, 7 times higher than the daily requirement. Just eat a pig brain, you will have to fast from other cholesterol foods for at least 10 days.

Pig lung

Lungs are one of the dirtiest organs in pigs, containing many toxins. This is a part of the respiratory system, while pigs have a habit of breathing close to the ground, so they can absorb a large amount of dirt every day, even heavy metals. Dirt and heavy metals are deep and cling to the lungs.

When you eat pig lungs, you inadvertently create opportunities for dirt and heavy metals to enter your body, causing harm to health. Not to mention, pig lungs can contain many parasites, diseases and bacteria.

According to the test results, the lungs contain a large amount of toxins from lean substances and weight gain ingredients in feed, accounting for 60% of the whole pork.

This part also has a complex structure, which is difficult to clean. Washing by conventional methods is difficult to remove all stains attached to the slaughter process. Lungs are also rated as the most smelly part of pigs, if not processed carefully, it will be very difficult to eat.

Pig kidney

Pork kidney (pork kidney) is often processed into many dishes such as stir-fried, steamed, boiled or put in porridge, eaten hot pot. However, you should pay attention to remove the white filling inside the pig’s kidney before cooking. This part has a bad smell, when ingested, causes nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness.

7 extremely dirty parts of a pig but many people love it - Photo 3.

Health experts advise you not to eat a lot of pig kidneys because the kidneys are the main excretory organs in the urinary system, helping to filter the blood, remove toxins and wastes from the blood, so there is a possibility of accumulation of harmful substances. Besides, the kidneys also contain high cholesterol, eating too much is not beneficial, even increasing the risk of coronary atherosclerosis.

Pork neck meat

Pork neck contains many lymph nodes, in which there are many parasites, bacteria and viruses, even cooking at high temperature cannot kill pathogens.

This flesh also contains a large amount of thyroid gland, which secretes the hormone thyroxine. Absorbing too much of this hormone can affect the endocrine as well as the metabolism in the body, creating symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

If you want to eat this meat, you need to remove all the lymph nodes when processing and cook it thoroughly before eating.

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