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A subsidy program for millions of workers takes effect from today

Today (April 9, 2022), Circular 12/2022/TT-BTC guiding the content and spending levels from the State budget to carry out the task of promoting, advertising and supporting official tourism development. effective. Accordingly, businesses and organizations in Tourism will be supported a part of the training, retraining and improvement of vocational skills for workers in the tourism industry. Specifically:

– Course participants vocational training up to 3 months are supported according to the tuition fee rate and actual apprenticeship period, but not exceeding 4.5 million VND/person/training course.

– Participants in vocational training courses of more than 3 months are supported according to the actual tuition fee collection and apprenticeship period, but not exceeding 1.5 million VND/person/month (maximum support period does not exceed 6 months). month). Thus, the support level does not exceed 9 million VND/person/training course.

In case the vocational training course has odd days that are not full months, 14 days or less is counted as ½ month and 15 days or more is counted as 1 month.

In addition, tourism businesses and organizations are also supported to open training courses, fostering knowledge on state management, corporate governance and professional ethics for tourism workers.

In addition, the budget also spends on organizing domestic competitions to explore initiatives on tourism promotion and advertising to affirm the brand. Vietnam tourism organized by the Tourism Development Support Fund. The maximum level of spending for collective prizes is 20 million VND/prize, individual prizes are not more than 15 million VND/prize.

For activities of organizing and promoting Vietnam’s tourism abroad, the budget shall be spent on organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, press conferences, seminars, cultural and tourism festivals; events on tourism, culture, sports and events introducing Vietnamese cuisine, culture and people…; Expenses for participation in international tourism fairs abroad include renting premises, designing, booths, propaganda and promotion of activities to attend the fair…

The new circular also mentions the budget for e-marketing development for tourism promotion and advertising, such as building a database, developing applications for smart mobile devices, and promoting tourism. on social networking sites and search applications… This content will contribute to promoting Vietnam’s tourism development following the trend of the digital economy.

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