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A woman who knows to stay away from 4 “traps” will make men fall in love

Everyone wants to be a role model for you man adored, loved and received much pampering. But the most important thing, before thinking about the above goal, become a good, decent person.

Women who know how to create jewelry is a good personality, then you will shine in many places. And as a result, a lot of men want to pursue you. To do that, know these 4 “traps” and stay away, sisters.

Always create fictional stories, not real

Sometimes to make an impression on the other person, we will come up with a bit “virtual” stories to show or make the other person think that you have experienced life. But if you meet a “master”, all your tricks and tricks will be very easy to detect. And then, you will be extremely shy if he exposes, points out our shortcomings. Remember, if you lie once, you will have to lie many more times to cover up and cover up your shortcomings.

The woman knows to stay away from 4


This is a “trap” many people fall into regardless of women or men. The advice for you is to be honest, say whatever you have based on the criterion of “showing off good, hiding evil”. Everyone will have their own experiences in life. What lessons do you learn, or how you grow up is the core value. If you can attract him with your real stories, that’s a huge plus.

See your appearance as something that can overwhelm others

Agree that you have beauty, looks, but that’s not all. There are many factors that make up a typical woman. In which the beauty of content, wisdom and compassion, the new way of dealing with people are necessary values. On the other hand, “looks” are just like a ticket for you to be more confident than others. Do not use that as a “weapon” to bring down, overwhelm others.

To everyone around, be gentle. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do is respect that individuality and quality. Having a superior appearance is not necessarily something to be proud of. Instead of comparing with everyone around, cultivate and develop more to become a comprehensive person. At that time, whether male or female friends around you will be extremely respectful and respectful of us.

If you please men, they will love you

Many women always try to meet the needs of men and assume that then, you will be loved. We give the best, in our hearts always hope to be rewarded sooner or later. Some people even keep giving without expecting anything in return. However, over time, you will feel tired, but it is not certain that you have received the love of the other person.

The woman knows to stay away from 4


Then please men is not the right thing. Understanding his psychology really makes you conquer men. Understanding what he wants, needs, hates, first of all to see if he should step into the relationship or not. In addition, understanding what men think, you will be able to guess their every move, so as not to live in hope and disappointment. A woman who understands men’s hearts is intelligent and extremely delicate.

When you’re loved, you don’t develop yourself anymore

This is a typical mistake of many women, causing the relationship to soon come to a dead end and the two sides quickly get bored with each other. Although he has agreed to love you, do not forget to improve yourself from appearance to content. You still need to try to be the most beautiful, smart and excellent woman in his heart. That way, they will always be captivated by your beauty. At the same time, remembering “reciprocity”, we should also encourage the other person to change every day. Living forever in an old version is not the right choice. me-dam-ne-phuc-20220410171202303.chn

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