After a meal, there are 8 things you absolutely should not do if you don’t want your stomach to be “eroded”

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people suffering from stomach diseases accounts for 5-10% of the world population and tends to increase. In addition, the age of stomach diseases also decreases over time, which is why nowadays it is not difficult to find people at a very young age who have been hospitalized for these diseases.

In fact, the bad stomach is largely due to poor eating and living activities in daily life. After a meal is the time when the stomach is weakest because it is working continuously to digest food. You just need to commit 1 of these 8 bad habits after a meal, it will also cause serious damage to the stomach, causing stomach disease, even cancer.

1. Smoking after meals

Many people have the habit of smoking a cigarette after eating to enjoy the feeling of lightheadedness, dreamy relaxation. However, as everyone knows, this habit is very harmful to the stomach, especially when it is taken after a meal.

This is because after eating, the rate of gastrointestinal motility and blood circulation will increase. If you smoke, the toxic substances in tobacco will quickly be absorbed in a large amount into the blood, causing certain damage to the brain, heart, liver, other organs and especially the stomach – where is pumping the most blood after a meal.

2. Drink lots of water after meals

Drinking water after eating dilutes gastric juice so that food that has just entered the stomach will go straight to the small intestine even though it has not been fully digested. This reduces the digestibility of gastric juice, easily leading to intestinal diseases.

After a meal, there are 8 things you absolutely should not do if you don't want your stomach to be eroded - Photo 1.

If you choose some carbonated drinks to use after eating, it is even more harmful to the body. Carbon dioxide produced by soft drinks easily increases the pressure in the stomach, causing acute gastric dilation.

3. Eat fruit right after a meal

Of course, eating fruit every day is a good habit but it only works when you choose the right time. Eating fruit after a meal is not healthy at all. Because after food enters the stomach, it takes 1-2 hours to be fully digested and absorbed. If you eat fruit at this time, the nutrients of the fruit will be blocked by the food, the body cannot absorb the nutrients from the fruit, which will gradually cause bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

4. Snack after main meal

After eating the main meal, the stomach is already full, if you eat more junk food, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, there is a risk of obesity. Therefore, you should not snack after the main meal, especially after dinner.

After a meal, there are 8 things you absolutely should not do if you don't want your stomach to be eroded - Photo 2.

5. Shower after meals

Do not shower immediately after a meal because the harmful effects of bathing after a meal are the same as bathing on an empty stomach. Due to the relatively large volume inside the stomach after eating, there is a large amount of blood entering the stomach at this time, causing the blood vessels of the whole body to be dilated, including in the muscles and skin. Therefore, if you take a bath after a meal, it will cause digestive dysfunction.

6. Take medicine after meals

A little medicine mixed in a large amount of food will be difficult to digest and absorb. This affects the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, unless you have to take it with a meal, it is best to take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor (on an empty stomach or after eating for at least 30 – 60 minutes).

7. Loosen the abdominal belt after meals

When eating fast or eating buffet, people often feel very full. After eating, many men will loosen their belts so that they can relax and their stomachs will be comfortable.

But in fact, this habit is hurting the stomach because loosening the abdominal belt after a meal causes the pressure in the abdomen to decrease and the stomach to sag. If this bad habit goes on for a long time, stomach disease will begin to develop.

8. Strenuous exercise after meals

After eating, running, playing ball and other heavy physical activities will affect the digestion and absorption of food, which is detrimental to health. Because to provide energy when exercising, the extremities must be supplied with more blood, the blood supply of the digestive tract is reduced relatively. From there, the process of digestion and absorption will definitely be affected.

After a meal, there are 8 things you absolutely should not do if you don't want your stomach to be eroded - Photo 3.

In addition, after eating, there is still a lot of food in the stomach, if you exercise or work too hard, it will easily cause abdominal pain, stomach prolapse and other diseases. Therefore, you should arrange to exercise at least 1 hour after a meal.

Source and photo: Sohu, Healthline

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