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After giving birth, she must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!

After 9 months and 10 days pregnant and the difficult “birthing” song, the mother still did not have time to rest, but immediately had to step into the journey of raising and taking care of children. For many mothers, breast-feeding in a scientific way, good for the baby and leisurely for the mother is even more difficult and tiring than the period of “carrying a painful birth”. To prepare for that journey, prepare immediately the effective “assistants” below.

1. Milk warmer

Milk is always an important source of nutrients for the development of children. Normally, when breastfeeding, the temperature of breast milk fluctuates at 37 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which the baby feels most comfortable and palatable and retains the maximum nutrients in the milk.

If you have to express milk or mix formula, you need to ensure the temperature is between 37-45 degrees Celsius. Therefore, warming the milk is very important, especially in winter or when the mother stores the milk in the refrigerator.

After giving birth, she must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!  - first

There are many ways to warm milk, in which, direct heating or using a microwave oven are recommended by experts not to be used because it will lose nutrients in milk and cannot control the temperature. . The recommended way is to place the bottle in a bowl of hot water or in a water bath. However, these methods are quite inconvenient and time consuming, so preparing a bottle warmer will solve all problems.

Not only saving mothers time, food and milk heated by the warmer will ensure sterilization and retain nutritional value.

2. Nursing bra

During pregnancy and after giving birth, the mother’s body undergoes great changes, in which many mothers have an increased bust size that requires a separate bra line that is both suitable and healthy. Breastfeeding bra is a perfect suggestion for mothers to choose to use during pregnancy and lactation.

After giving birth, she must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!  - 3

This bra is specially designed, the cup part of the shirt can be opened like a “window”, the mother can open and close it with one hand, making breastfeeding the easiest and most convenient. With this type of bra, mothers will not need to completely untie the straps or lift the bra to make it tight every time they breastfeed. This feature is also extremely convenient when mothers use breast pads to absorb milk.

When choosing a nursing bra, you should choose a cotton fabric that is soft, stretchy and absorbent, helping you feel comfortable and comfortable all day long. In addition, mothers should buy clothes that do not contain hard iron frames to limit the common blockage of milk glands in mothers after giving birth.

3. Assist knob

Breastfeeding mothers during the breastfeeding period will inevitably have problems such as: the nursing baby will have pain, the mother’s nipples are cracked and cannot be healed, the baby has an improper latch. If so, chances are a pacifier can help.

A pacifier is a nipple-shaped cover that is worn over the areola and nipple during breastfeeding. Pacifiers are usually made of soft, thin, flexible silicone and have a hole at the end of the nipple to let breast milk through.

After giving birth, she must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!  - 4

Those who need to use pacifiers are those who have too small nipples, cracked nipples that prevent the baby from sucking. The pacifier also supports babies who do not have the right latch due to premature birth, difficult birth, etc. It will be easier to suckle thanks to the shape of the nipple is shaped in the most favorable way for the baby to suck on. In addition, babies with defects such as tongue sticking, lip sticking, chin retracting .. can press the nipple while suckling. This can cause pain and cracked nipple. At this time, the nipple helps the mother to breastfeed. The baby can breastfeed and the mother can still experience less pain while the nipple heals.

Not only that, the nipple also helps to overcome the dark and long black nipples of the mother when breastfeeding, helping women maintain their charm and confidence after breastfeeding.

4. Milk cup

Normally, when breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin will promote milk secretion in both breasts, but the baby cannot feed on both sides at the same time, so the situation of breast milk leaking on the other side will be both wasted and lost. toilet. The cup to collect milk will help the mother completely overcome that problem. In addition, the milk cup can also be used as a simple and convenient breast pump.

After giving birth, you must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!  - 5

The milk cup is usually made of silicone material, so it is very soft, hugs the mother’s breast tightly, suitable for many breast sizes, and creates suction to stimulate milk secretion better.

This type of cup also helps mothers to pump milk in any position, even when lying down. The cup is firmly attached to the mother’s breast, creating a vacuum, so it will automatically pump milk naturally without the need for a motor or hand squeeze. Help mothers have more time to rest but still have enough milk for their babies.

5. Comb to help unclog milk ducts

Blocked milk is always a “nightmare” for a nursing mother. The pain of clogged milk is described by many mothers as more terrible than the pain of childbirth. One of the simple and effective folk methods to cure clogged milk ducts that are often passed on by mothers is combing with a comb.

After giving birth, you must definitely buy these items, raising children is so easy!  - 6

According to the principle mentioned, the comb has thick and even serrations, helping the mother gently impact the breast area that is tight because of milk blockage. The comb teeth are brushed in the direction of the milk flow, which will help stimulate the flow and partially dissolve the curds that are clogging the milk follicles.

However, brushing your breasts with a regular comb can cause you to scratch your breasts or get germs and bacteria from your scalp. Instead, mothers can choose a smart comb designed specifically for breast brushing to help solve the problem of clogged milk ducts.

This special comb has 13 massage points based on mammary gland structure and anatomy, combining massage and breast milk flow. When using, one hand of the mother lifts the breast, the other hand holds the comb from the outside to the inside of the breast and then stops at the areola. Then, the mother uses her index finger and thumb to press around the areola to release milk. This postpartum item is really useful and necessary in the mother’s wardrobe!

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