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An 18-year-old male student stole the university exam paper, causing millions of students to take the exam twice as difficult

In China, the pressure of studying and having to pass the exam to the top universities is always intense, which can be considered the most severe in the world. Because for many students, this exam is considered a life-changing ticket, bringing them to the world of fame and fortune.

Because of the important nature of the university exam, the Government of this country always takes measures to tighten security, using advanced technologies in the fight against exam cheating.

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In China, the “life and death arena” is another way of calling the university exam.

However, in 2003, a shocking cheating case in the university admissions history of the country of billions of people took place, seriously affecting the exam results of millions of candidates. Specifically, a few days before the university entrance exam, a senior male student named Yang Bo (18 years old) quietly snuck into the exam room in Nantong city, Sichuan province and stole the math exam.

This event went undetected until a few days later, when the inspector conducted a scheduled check of the exam papers. Right after that, he did not dare to hide the truth, but immediately reported it to the local Public Security Agency and the Education Department.

After the relevant units held an emergency meeting, they unanimously decided to replace all the exam questions that year with backup questions. According to the assessment of many students who participated in the 2003 exam, the difficulty of the backup test compared to the original exam has doubled, and the consequences are all due to the reckless actions of the student Yang Bo.

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In 2003, millions of Chinese students “cry to heaven” because the difficulty of the university exam doubled.

According to the testimony of male student Yang Bo, while his classmates were busy studying for the university entrance exam, he began to research the local exam storage place. He discovered that this place was usually not kept by many people, so he planned it carefully, sneaking into the security room and stealing the math exam. This was also the subject he was most worried about that would affect his university exam results.

However, he did not expect that this action was not only discovered by local officials, but the country’s Ministry of Education also issued a document, requesting an investigation and clarification of the incident.

In the view of the Chinese authorities, aggressively conducting an investigation while the university entrance exam is taking place will greatly affect the psychology of millions of students. Therefore, in order to minimize the worst impact on the students, the authorities will proceed to clarify the case right after the university exam has ended.

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The Public Security Bureau investigates the shocking exam cheating case in Chinese history.

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Portrait of Yang Bo – a male student who dared to steal exam papers right before the university entrance exam.

In fact, after the 2003 university entrance exam took place, the student Yang Bo was arrested by the police and sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing exam papers. Although he scored quite well in the exam that year, he still had to pause his way to university and accept the execution of the sentence.

After going to prison, Yang Bo realized his mistake. Thanks to his good performance, he was released from prison early, serving a sentence of 5 years. Although now, he is free and earnestly rebuilds a new life, but with his special background in the past, he is not used by employers. At the same time, he can only do odd jobs with low income to cover the expensive day-to-day living.

Many teachers assessed that, with that year’s academic ability, Yang Bo could completely enter a good university. But he destroyed the future with his own hands by a reckless act that not everyone dared to take.

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