Brave police save 4 people from drowning in Vung Tau

Comrade Thai Ngo Hieu, a fire prevention officer while traveling with his family, met a drowning person and quickly swam to save the 4 victims.

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Lieutenant Colonel Le Duc Hiep, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Fire and Rescue Team, said the incident happened around 9 am on April 10, at the beach of Zenna Resort, Phuoc Tinh commune, Long Dien district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

While bathing with his family about 30m away, comrade Thai Ngo Hieu, an officer of the Trang Bom Area CC&CNCH Team – Dong Nai Provincial Police Department of Fire and Rescue Department (on the occasion of the holiday, he and his family went on vacation. here), then I heard people crying for help.

When you know someone has drowning, Comrade Thai Ngo Hieu quickly swam through the accident area. At this time, a group of 5 young people from 20 years old unfortunately drowned. The incident happened very quickly, causing people around to panic, unable to respond in time.

The area where the group of young people drowned was quite deep, the water was fast, accompanied by many victims who could not swim, so when they went out into the deep water and lost their legs, they panicked and pulled each other, causing the whole group to drown.

People around discovered it, shouted, cried for help and quickly called the Fire and Rescue Police force in a state of fear.

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Mr. Hieu gave first aid to the victims

When swimming through the area accident, Mr. Hieu directly pulled a group of people out of the water and brought them ashore. After that, continue to search and find one more drowning victim, all in an unconscious state, hands and feet purple.

When bringing the victim ashore, with skills and professional training in first aid, the male policeman quickly performed CPR, squeezed the heart outside the chest and saved the victim’s life.

Knowing that there was one more victim still not found, Mr. Hieu and other officers and soldiers of the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Police force continued to organize the search, but when they found the victim, they did not survive.

It is known that comrade Lieutenant Thai Ngo Hieu has participated in many large and small rescues, saving many lives and was commended by the Fire Department for his rescue work.

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