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Brother, you lost this lover

How are you these days, are you too busy to be in such a hurry to drop your lover like this? Read this message, remember to receive your lover back.

Em – a small, cheerful, sociable, industrious, hardworking girl, is a pleasant, friendly, emotional and a bit naive. Perhaps because of the peaceful pedagogical environment, I don’t like competition, rivalry and defeat. From childhood to adulthood, my life went quite smoothly and without encountering thorns. Going to school, going to work are fortunate to meet kind, loving and helping people wholeheartedly.

She loves cooking and doing housework, has many odd talents called “household housewife”. After the last epidemic season, due to “losing teaching” for a long time, my cooking skill increased by one level. I can cook a lot of Southern dishes, eat rice, breakfast, snacks, cakes, all kinds of cakes, sticky rice,… products and self-invented mixed fish noodles. Whoever joins my team “rolls up”, because every day I wake up from the time the rooster crows to cook breakfast, and at night I also cook for myself because I don’t like to eat out much. Yes, I don’t have to worry about what to eat today.

At school, I do office work, it’s fun, I always feel full of energy every day (after work at school, I still teach). Although sometimes things don’t go very smoothly, but I will try to be a little more positive to make things lighter.

I love meeting friends, sipping milk tea, chatting in the sky and under the sea. I love to travel. Every year, my family tries to go to one or two places to discover more new and interesting things. Hope you will be a new member in my family’s travel season this year.

The doctor said I was a little thin but not malnourished. She is 1.56 m tall, weighs 43 kg, is good-looking and does not age before her age, is 9x the first generation, just turned 30 years old.

I like you over 1.7m tall and good at English (this is simply my hobby, no reason at all). At the weekend, we go to my hometown to play. My house is very close to Saigon. At home, I had a lot of fun playing, the fruit trees were luxuriant, only eating and “rolling”.

After the recent Covid epidemic, I really feel lucky and grateful that my family is still healthy. The more I appreciate and love the love of family more, I can only pray for everyone’s health and peace.

I read somewhere that: “We get married because we hope to have one more loving person in this world, always by our side; when we are in pain, someone takes us to the hospital, when it rains, someone picks us up, when it’s quiet at night, someone sleeps next to us to help us sleep peacefully, when we feel sorry for ourselves, someone pats us and says “Don’t worry, I’m here”.

The real meaning of marriage is not to avoid the scrutiny of the world, nor to please parents, much less give birth to children, but just to live a happy and better life for yourself. Dear.

If fortunately knowing and meeting each other was fate, no one knows the future. But I hope, we will give all the best to each other, bro.

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