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Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals the unexpected truth

Durian is known as the “king of fruits” because it is very nutritious. Durian is rich in vitamins, fiber along with plant compounds that are beneficial to the body when eaten. Although durian has a specific smell that many people do not dare to enjoy, but for believers of this fruit, this is really a specialty, a “treasure” that makes them crave every time they see it.

Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals an unexpected truth - 1

When eating durian, enjoying the sweet, fatty, and soft taste of each durian flesh makes its enthusiasts very excited. However, to choose a durian fruit with flat seeds, lots of flesh, juicy and sweet aroma, not everyone knows. Unfortunately choosing the right fruit, pale, large seeds … is a waste of money because durian is not cheap.

1. Look at the shape of the fruit

Many people may not know that durian is also divided by gender like male and female fruit. The female fruits will have thin skin, thick and sweet, delicious flesh. The female fruits will have a relatively full and even shape. The bottom of the fruit is relatively flat, round looking, outside the surface there will be bulges. These bulges are the inner pods. Such shaped fruits have very thin skins and thick flesh, so buy them.

Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals an unexpected truth - 2

If the durian fruit is oval, crooked, unbalanced, and the zone is not exposed, it should not be purchased because these are male fruits, often have a bad taste.

When buying durian, tell the seller that you want female durians, the seller will think you are an expert, not daring to cheat you.

2. See the cracks of durian

When buying durian, we often see many durians that will have cracks. In fact, most durians that are old and begin to ripen will have a slightly cracked outer shell, giving them a very characteristic aroma. Thanks to this crack, we can judge whether the durian shell is thick or thin. If it is a thin fruit, it means that this fruit is delicious, sweet, and has a lot of flesh.

However, you should not choose durian fruits with cracks that are too big, exposing the inner flesh, which is easy to be penetrated by dirt and bacteria. These fruits are just too ripe to eat, not tasty and unhygienic.

Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals the unexpected truth - 4

3. See durian thorns

The surface of the durian fruit has many sharp spines. Looking at this part of thorns we can also guess whether the fruit is delicious or not. If you see these spikes are relatively large and short, relatively sparsely distributed, this is a female durian. Squeeze two adjacent thorns with your hand and see if they are soft and close to each other, it means that the durian fruit is ripe. Durian shell has high elasticity. Please choose such melons.

If the durian fruit is sharp, thin, with a dense number of spines, if you press it with your hands and do not see the softness and elasticity, the durian is not ripe, if it is green, it will be pale and awkward to eat. So don’t buy such durians.

Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals an unexpected truth - 5

4. Smell

Buying durian you can judge the quality of durian fruit through the most direct method that is smell. Ripe durian will give off a strong sweet smell, you can see the smell from a distance. If you only smell the peel, it means that the fruit is not ripe, the sweetness is not enough. If you smell alcohol, this type of durian is overripe, fermented, and should not be purchased.

Buy durian, choose thick or thin thorns, the seller reveals an unexpected truth - 6

See more ways to make delicious dishes from durian:



– 200ml of fresh milk without sugar
– 50g melted butter
– 2 chicken eggs
– 80g flour
– 1 pinch of salt
– 50g sugar
– 1 teaspoon rum or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Durian fresh cream: 150ml whipping cream; 20g sugar; 1 cup durian


Cream + sugar in a bowl, use a mixer to beat smooth. Wrap food in cling film and place in the refrigerator.

Beat eggs + sugar in a bowl, then add milk + rum or vanilla, stir well.

Next, mix in the flour.

Finally add the butter and mix well. Sieve this mixture through a sieve to remove clumps.

Put a non-stick pan on the stove (remember to turn down the heat). Rub a little bit of oil (use a paper towel to wipe the surface of the pan with a little bit of oil). When the pan is a bit hot, pour the batter into the thin coating.

Wait for the surface of the cake to dry, that is, it is cooked, gently remove the cake. Just like that, continue to wipe the oil and pour the cake (repeat the initial process).

Spread the crepe on a plate, add 1 layer of cream + durian and 1 layer of cream. Fold the sides gently wrap the cake. Place durian crepe on a plate, enjoy with some fresh fruit of your choice.

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– 350g durian meat
– 250ml whipping cream
– 100ml fresh milk without sugar
– 30g condensed milk
– 60g sugar


– Durian is like jackfruit, there are many thorns, so when cutting this fruit, first distinguish the segments on the durian fruit, then use a sharp knife to cut from the top to the middle of the durian zone.

– Then, use the tip of the knife to poke in the middle from the top to the bottom of the left to create a crack. Use the force in your hand to split the fruit in half.

Durian, fresh milk and condensed milk are put into a blender and pureed.

Cream and sugar in a bowl, use a mixer or a mixer to lightly beat the cream.

Cream + durian puree into 1 bowl and gently mix.

– Pour this mixture into a box, or small jar with a tight lid, put in the freezer for 6-7 hours to freeze. Durian ice cream scoop out into a glass, to add fruit and a beautiful cookie. The way to make durian ice cream is not difficult, sisters, try it!

Finished Product Requirements:

– Durian cream has a light yellow color, has a characteristic durian aroma, is cool and slightly greasy.

– Cream is soft, smooth, spongy, does not separate from water

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Wish you success with how to make cool durian ice cream for summer days!

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